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Indoraptor should be a Wildcard

indoraptor has characteristics of cunning, ferocity and resistance. I explain

has enough life and cleanse. a trait of the resistant is “cleanse”, h as is evident, indoraptor can do


PH: 4200 (resistent)
Attack: 1400 (cunning)
Speed: 128 (cunning)
Amor: 0% (fierce or cunning)
Critic: 20% (fierce)

• Cunning Strike (Cunning)
• Cleanse Impact(Resistent)
• Armor Piercing Rampage (fierce)
• Evasive stance (cunning)

should be “Wildcard”, thylatator, Nasuto are wildcards and for less

Indoraptor (wildcard)
  • Wildcard
  • Cunning-Fierce

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It’s Cunning and always will be Cunning and it’s just one of those exceptions to the rule. Everything doesn’t have to come down to that variety definition and I know that sounds a bit silly to some, but my Wild Card proposal would take a different definition approach as well. It just is one of those creatures that defines everything Cunning is about and has a more primary Cunning play style and approach by nature with a bit of Fierce in the style. The Impact is something that fierce creatures can hit with Rampages coming along right after. That pattern. The Cleanse is just not selling me as other Cunning creatures have the ability to Cleanse. This includes Indoraptor Gen 2. So it’s just Cunning Fierce.


monolorhino is defined as a wildcard and Indoraptor is not? justice for Indo! :fist:

Just read my post. Things are as they are meant to be. Besides Indoraptor is the most intelligent dinosaur of all time, so it is definitely always going to be Cunning something.

You know, I have recently thought about having even more specialized niches to the wildcard category.

I know it’s too much, but I figured that a creature can be a Wildcard with characteristics that reflect one particular category.

Like… A creature that is able to have a little bit of the rainbow in terms of movesets and playability, but has one or two more attributes towards Fierce would have the Wildcard symbol with a red background instead of grey.

It would be the same thing for the others. Indoraptor would be considered a Wildcard with a yellow background instead of grey.

Again, I know it’s too much, but in my head it looks cool.


Not bad man, i love this

Cleansing impact isn’t resilient tho
If anything, it’s fierce, or at least characteristic of fierce dinos and present in one or other cunning. I saw no resilient dinos with cleansing impact. And It makes sense as they shouldn’t cleanse a bleed.

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I do agree that Nasuto and Monostegotops should not be wild card, but Indoraptor is fine. Cleansing is found in all classes, and high HP alone is not enough to make one resilient. The stats aren’t really tied to any particular class, but attacks are.

Here are my thoughts on which dinos ARE in the wrong classes, and why. I know you (@BenauGr_FZ) have read it before, but I don’t want to go over all the same points again :joy:

The Class System Explained: Abilities and Changes

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I feel like wildcards should just be reserved for dinos that show elements of all three classes or none of them. Some dinos within a class definitely have more affinity for that class then others (for example, both Thor and Purussaurus are Fierce, but Thor has far more fierce elements than Purussaurus), but I don’t see the need to add more categories. Even if Indoraptor was a cunning-leaning wild card, why not just make it cunning? The problem here (in my opinion) is that “wild card” is currently too losely defined and too broad, not that more dinos should be classified as wild cards.

That said, your idea still makes more sense than calling Monostegotops, Nasutoceratops, Pterovexus, Carnotaurus, etc. “Wild Cards”

By the way, according to one of the in-game tips, one of the ways Ludia classified wild cards was “being good in swap in teams”? I guess I see that with Monostegotops, but it doesn’t hold up. Phorusaura is phenomenal in swap in teams, so why isn’t it a wild card? For the record, it shouldn’t be, “cunning” is perfect for it. “Swap in” is just too broad and subjective to make sense. “Wild card” works much better as a description for dinos that embody significant elements of all three classes (like Tenontorex, Monolorhino, Thylacotator, Suchotator, Carnotarkus, and Purutaurus).

Yeah, all three classes have access to basic “cleansing” moves. If anything, it’s the most common in fierce creatures and hadrosaurs. But a handful of pure cunnings have them too. Cleansing is basically the opposite of nullify. One removes all positive effects, and one removes all negative effects. All classes can create both positive (shield, dodge, ferocity) and negative (deceleration, distraction, wound) effects, so these moves aren’t particularly strong against one class or another. They are effectively neutral.