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Indoraptor should have a revenge move!

Hi all! I’m new here! :smiley:

I really think that Indoraptor should have a revenge move, Erlidominus has a revenge move but why not Indoraptor? Many of you say Revenge Cloak, but Indoraptor can’t cloak (if he does, then that makes sense) I know that when Indoraptor came into the game, he had Cloak, but he can’t cloak. So, I’m thinking of a revenge move for Indoraptor… I think he should have Revenge Distracting Impact. What are your thoughts?

  • Revenge Cunning Strike
  • Revenge Cleansing Impact
  • Revenge Armor Piercing Rampage
  • Revenge Evasive Stance
  • Still, Revenge Cloak
  • Revenge Distracting Impact
  • Other (put in comments)

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I think with Revenge APR, it would allow a little more versatility in Indo’s move set. It would allow a big hit right off the bat, though it would need to be planned if the opponent can shield. Overall, with most of the choices, it would either change up indo’s move set in a weird way or do almost nothing for a revenge move. Revenge Cunning Strike would be the other one that I would choose, as that might allow either 2 turns of distraction and no Crit chance the first time, which allows full distraction the second turn, or have it do 75% distraction the first turn which allows more damage mitigation.

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I do have to admit that @Dino_Guy does have a point about indoraptor having revenge move because I-rex has a revenge move to

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Yep :slight_smile: