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Indoraptor - should i go for it?


I am considering to create indoraptor since i could make 6 of them and keep them on level 1. However I am not sure if it wouldn’t screw up my lineup for PVE events. Here are my top dinos

Can anyone help?

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My first instinct says no, do not do it, but can you post screenshots of your 6 best amphibians, 6 best herbivores, and 6 best pterosaurs?

The Level 1 Indoraptor has 3402 Health and 1772 Attack. If you’re going to hatch 6 indoraptors and leave them at level 1, ideally you would want to have 6 of every other type of dinosaur around those same stats.

You can probably get away with hatching 1 or 2 indoraptors, but from your screenshots above it looks like your herbivores and pterosaurs are really lagging behind your amphibs and carnivores. This might make your PvE events really hard if they require those types.

For example, the herbivore event going on right now would be calculated by your indoraptors, and I think you would not be able to compete with the couple of herbivores that I see you have right now.

Personally, I would wait and build up more herbivores and pterosaurs to be near the “3402 / 1772” mark, and then hatch the indos.


So I personally would do it…
I agree with all things @vennellok mentioned…
I’ll wait until I can do 2 Lvl.40 Indominus Rex, so that I can fuse 1 for Indoraptor and keep the other one…I can create about 5 Indos at the moment, but I still need 10 more Indominus, so I’ll get lots more S-DNA…
But it’s up to you!

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It’s very tempting to go for it but I would wait.
As already stated…build up those herbivores and pterosaurs.

I’ve got enough for a few indoraptors but I want to wait so that my herbivore and pterosaur line up can be built up. This game becomes difficult if you throw off the balance.


I’m new to the forum but I just wanted to let you know my pterosaurs and herbivores are behind and I don’t have much trouble with it. I am working on those now but I am very glad that I made the indoraptor. Mine is at level 20 and for the tournament’s I haven’t come across a dinosaur that can beat it (I know there are some very close to it I just haven’t fought any in tournaments). Just my personal experience!

Your 20 indoraptor takes 1 day 9 hours to cool down. If you hadn’t leveled up, you’d have two at 10 or lower, with cooldown under a day max.

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You would really be up only three carnivores since you will need a level 40 Indominus to fuse the raptor. You will also effectively be making all of you Jurassic PVE events based off those level 1 Indoraptors which probably won’t effect you to much since you will have 6 of them. This will also allow you to use your regular DNA to focus on the other classes to help balance everything out.

Personally I would do it as long as I had a plan for my other classes. Indoraptors are very versatile and can be used against anything even amphibians, it would be better if you had some strong flyers to pick up that slack.

Here are my top Jurassic’s and I am very Indoraptor heavy:


I have to chime in and say, I’m really, really glad I put my emphasis on a deep bench with lots of dinos of each class, vs. leveling stuff up. My highest stuff is just above lvl 20 VIPs, such as my monostegos and Spinatosuchus at level 5, Indominus at lvl 15, etc. So I’m a long way from needing to make a Indoraptor, but because I have so many dinos and they have relatively short cooldowns, I can do a LOT of tournament runs, and finished in first place in this last one. PvEs as well, generally can finish them all in the AM, but always by the end of the day. Just depends on what your personal emphasis in the game is. I’m willing to wait to fuse every hybrid, to have an easy time of it in the daily battles and tournaments.

Yes I know how it works lol. I kept 2 at level 10 for awhile. It was worth it to combine them and have a dinosaur that can win every battle I’ve put it in. My line up usually has me in the top 1% I’m good with that lol. But I was just saying I think it’s worth it to make the indoraptor. Not trying to go against anyone who is saying don’t do it, just giving a different point of view. I love my indoraptor.

May I just say this is awesome I can’t wait to get mine looking like yours one day! How long have you been playing?

A little more than a year and a half.


I have 3 x Indo at lev 10. Very useful and I would go for it and then concentrate on your other classes. This is what I am trying to do.

I have the monostego on the way and i can also make few of them + will buy some more metriaphodons so i will go for the indoraptor, maybe not all 6 of them right away… thank all of you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would do all six they help a ton and once you do three the rest will have no affect on your PvE difficulty.


Sorry, but I forgot.
Did you verify that it is only your strongest three which contribute to your PvE difficulty?
No need to explain it if you already posted it, just say ‘yes’.

I have not seen anything that would lead me to think otherwise. As I have hatched more and more Indoraptors and other creatures that are right below the strength of my top three, my PvE has stayed the same from a difficulty perspective. So it is not something that I can “prove” but my experience points towards it being based off only the top three.


Sounds reasonable, thank you.