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Indoraptor slight buff

I tried buffing indoraptor, is this good, op, or too weak?


that’s actually perfect


I love the rework but instead of shattering cunning strike just make it daring strike


Maybe Daring Strike instead of Shattering Cunning Strike? One shield-breaking move is enough.


Ok that seems like a good idea

So like this?


Weird that a cunning would be able to destroy my Entelolania in two turns without a cool down… Maybe one that dodges and is precise but not sure about two armor piercing. The first shield breaking and armor one is pretty solid to me.

That probably has more to do with Entolania’s lack of a Decelerating ability than it does about the suggest Indoraptor rework.

I would genuinely consider putting Indoraptor back on my team if it got a slight buff like the above.

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This would be nice

It’s cunning fierce, meant to work against fierce and resilient.

Dude it’s a fierce-cunning for a reason.

A shield breaking creature with 75% damage reduction Resistance? No thanks.


I fully support an indo buff however with all the nitros running around in aivary it would be 5X harder to get out of there

Even better I like it

It’s a “starter unique” at the moment which shouldn’t even be considering the amount of dna it requires

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^ This. I don’t think it should be allowed to destroy the shields. Sure, it’s cunning fierce. Does anyone remember the indorapter before the nerf? The indorapter can wreck most things by the second round. Armor-piercing is fine, but shield-breaking moves on round one are stupid.