Indoraptor slight buffs

I’ve been wanting Indo to be better than he’s been and I opened a topic a little while ago where people submitted there remakes and they were all amazing go check it out this community had amazing ideas but I’m submitting two new ideas to our current indo, one is a more aggressive counterpart and the other is a more cautious and sneaky version here they are enjoy!

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 1.37.04 PM
Here’s the sneaky one!

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 1.34.13 PM
Here’s the aggressive one!
Which do you prefer?

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(Normal stats)
Cautious Strike
Deliberate Prowl
Crushing Rampage (Ready to crush but with 2 cooldown 1 delay and 2x attack)
(Agressive set of resistances)
THIS is the ultimate indoraptor

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10 characters

I love this but I’m very set on seeing triggered kill added to him I almost feel like that’s his mojo because it’s basically a huge burst of energy and rage given to him that increases his bloodlust and gets him to hit his opponent really hard but in the process leaving himself vulnerable

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I like the idea of indo using camouflage as a basic attack, then It can have 2 impacts and a rampage to switch between them. And since indom has revenge cloak, i thought It would be a nice touch giving indo a revenge ability

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only thing I want back is a shatter move, as long as it doesn’t remove the cleanse we good


I like this version but it still needs a bit more flavor I feel like a special move that only it has or at least a move that references it’s astonishing combat capabilities it has in the movies would be optimal. Considering that it’s supposed to be a living weapon but it’s getting murdered easily because of it’s lack of range of abilities is a bit sad.

Yeah I couldn’t yet come up with a version that represents its flavor, I’m not sure how to go with that. The revenge move gives It an edge against tanks on a revenge kill situation. Even If this indo isn’t made as a tank killer, It is more versatile and can kill one If given the oportunity. And the fact that camouflage is spammable makes It really strong against fierce and some cunning creatures as It can speed up and kill them, although It wouldn’t be the best cunning killer as Orion is. But It would be great against fierce and cunning-fierce. I thought about giving It revenge shattering rampage but It may end up being too strong with this build.

Yea I totally get it it’s hard to balance a creature with move combos you want that would make it unbalanced

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Do you think the indo i made would be too OP If It had revenge shattering rampage in place of revenge armor piercing rampage?

Yes, arguably you balance how many tyrants & there levels within the game there are, by moving indo up a level to high tyrant technically you move 1 down to mid .in order to keep the status quo, otherwise you will have to change the overall game to accommodate.

yep, I want regular DSR back, no definite, no precise, no revenge or fierce, just regular DSR

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Yeah when I think of a “slight Indoraptor buff” (which is what it needs), this is what I have in mind.

Yeah Everyone wants DSR back it seems and honestly I’d love that too. But I know it’s a very low chance but I’d like them to give him his own special move that fits his Mojo, Like how indo g2 has cautious strike and that was his move (Now he shares it with Veloshacos or whatever it’s called) so giving indo g1 a special move that’s representative of him and him alone feels like a long overdue addition

The only move I’d change/ give is camouflage that would be cool & befitting to the movie, dsr is too strong making him too fierce, predominantly I see him as more cunning , stealthy.

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I definitely agree, and I really like the addition of Camouflage (maybe replacing Evasive Stance?). The thing is right now he’s not quite fierce enough to earn that classification. Like some resilients have armor piercing counters or swap in attacks, and that doesn’t make them fierce. So if they want to leave it as a stealthy non-shield breaker, that’s totally fine. But then just call Indoraptor a pure cunning, not Cunning-Fierce.

Agreed but we could just put that down to ludias classification, don’t mean it’s accurate as Has been argued , the truth is that given what has been viewed within the movie, he’s cunning the cloak & stealth moves in order to catch his prey , remember the scene in which he’s pretending to be stunned, that’s pure cunning not fierce imo


Yeah definitely. Pure cunning definitely fits it better. And while they’re at it, they can make Indominus Cunning-Fierce. Not only can it cloak (with dodge being a defining cunning move), the movie version is also incredibly clever. That also makes a pure cunning Indoraptor make more sense.

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I honestly think that a majority of players would give the thumbs up to indo being pure cunning, it also allows a little more creativity using distraction/ evasion/ cloak moves, & play with resistances, such as distraction, erlikospyx has immunity & he’s pure cunning, so I would build him on that basis


What about enraging strike instead of cunning strike? It increases your crit chance by 20% and damage by 25% for 2 turns, 2 attacks or 1 if it seems too powerful.