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Indoraptor strike tower battle plan

So I think I’ve found an (almost) unbeatable strategy for the Indoraptor tower this week.
You need;
Suchotator L14 (L23 is better)
Spinotasuchus L16 (L19 is better)
Tanycolagreus L13 (L22 is better)
Dracorex G2 Lwhat ever this is just bonus damage.

Suchotator: lethal
(this can’t be cleansed as it’s slower but Suchotator could be crit and one shot doing zero damage but that still doesn’t matter!).
Spinotasuchus: Lethal can’t be cleansed as it’s already been used. Again expect worse case and Spinotasuchus is one shot.
Tanny Nullify is Faster and resistant to evasion.
Indoraptor only has strike move or evade to choose and Tanny will survive by 1hp at L13 (unless crit).
Indo would need to crit twice at the perfect time using the exact perfect set of moves to cause a draw (which is as good as a loss :confused: ).

Monosteg in place of Tanny is a good option here also.

If at any point Suchotator or Spinotasuchus survive a hit and evade hasn’t been used. Bring in Dracorex G2.

If Indo hasnt used cleanse somehow and you’ve bought in Spinotasuchus use critical hit instead of Leathal and then swoop into Dracorex if possible.

If he uses Evade, bring in Tanny to Nullify it.


Obviously if you have Ironman open with that instead :wink: