Indoraptor.. To op and only cheaters have him


Not happy about this op rubbish… I paid to try amd get him and was rewarded with rubbish and cheaters get him for free…


It’s a unique so should be strong compared to Legendaries and below.

What dinos did you use?


Nice FakeGPS XD stupid cheater


Did you take that screenshot?

Please say you didn’t because it seems to show a fake GPS app in use…



So you posted a cheater hate thread and you took a SS of your spoofing use? Right off the bat only noticeable cheater is your self, lol. Not counting your account name in that screen shot and this is Ludia’s Forum. Smooth move there genius, hope they take action to your account. :joy:


Epic fail by original poster?


Bruh ur a cheater too😂u dumb


Oh man, that’s a massive fail if you took the screenshot :joy::joy:. Kinda exposed yourself, cheaters complaining about other cheaters smh🤦


“only cheaters have it” has freaking fake GPS running rn


The indoraptor is the star of the new movie- she better be powerful! Actual cheaters use things like gps spoofers hmmm


Now that’s too funny


You made my night. Nothing better than a cheater exposing themselves. So stupid. Can’t wait to see what excuses you give


He probably not going to answer😂


To be fair Ludia has been nothing but useless. They allow everyone else to cheat and this person has made many comments around here asking them for help just to be ignored. If they don’t care then why should we? I can’t really blame this person to be honest. But the fact that he is calling out cheaters when he’s cheating himself is hilarious


LOL and people say there aren’t any cheaters, hackers, or spoofers in JWA. Nailed one! Good job, everyone!

golf clap


The picture is also here


And look at his team…stupid cheater has a better team than me


Look at the little icon on the upper right of his screenshot. It’s a GPS spoofer app.


I am not a cheater and I have an indo. I have allot of raptors available at night Trex is not super common but helps that it starts at 11. I have spent too much money on one time offers and incubators including the bait and switch indoRaptor failed incubator and finally was able to complete the indo. Can’t say that explains the level 24/25 indos the top 15 have but I assume something similar.


I’m not saying it’s impossible to build indo, but as fast as some people on here have done, and especially now that Moenn Khan outed himself as a cheater with a screenshot, we know that not many actual players (paying or free) have the indo yet, but these dorks and Ludia death bots in high tier arenas seem to have them, Vasilli.