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Indoraptor TOMORROW?!?!😯

Ludia why do you hate me???:thinking:

Look at THIS!:astonished:

Why did you give me 10?Why not not 20,30,40???:face_with_monocle:

I hope to unlock it TOMORROW🤩

{When i clicked that button,i started shaking.When i saw a 10 THERE,it made me want to cry}:joy:

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Good luck tomorrow. Hope you at least get enough to get her to 22.

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i hope you don’t get an 8


I got a 101 on spionyx yesterday. kinda salty about it.

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I would’ve loved if it was dio instead of indo g1

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I also hope to get!


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I hope this does not happen…:joy:


Plot twist, indoraptor never shows up on the map

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Fingers crossed mate, if you get a high score you might level up Alita straight away

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Indoraptor today!