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Indoraptor Tournament / IApp purchase


Ok, so not to long ago, maybe a few weeks or so, Indoraptor was added into JW:TG. With the addition of Super DNA. But looking at the amount we are restricted to daily, it seems almost impossible to reach the required amount as some players just may not have the dinosaurs or time to take part. My suggestion is to make Indoraptor a tournament creature with the addition of a new ranking to recieve Indoraptor, Mayhem Inducer. After the tournament then put Indoraptor up as a IApp purchase for those who could not reach the rank i suggested above.

Hope you really try and make this possible for us, thank you for your time


No offense to everyone but I have to say something to the people who are constantly asking for the price to be lowered on the Indo Raptors super DNA I have just started the game I’m only 2 months in I’m level 49 and I have 2,000 super Velociraptor DNA if anyone is really griping about they can’t reach enough super DNA in time they’re just being lazy play the game harder it’s a game go grind on it that’s what grinding is for you can do it that’s what the grinding definition is and means let me also mention I have a level 20 indominus Rex and I have a level 10 Dragon bird if you know that reference


I think the time it takes is fair but it would be nice if there were a few other ways to obtain it. Also, for the Super-DNA obtained through the tournaments I think there should be a secondary option for those who have already unlocked the featured Dino. That way we don’t have players taking spots in the top 1% from others. Last tournament I won about 40 straight matches within a total of 3 hours so it’s not like it takes the whole weekend for some. Just a thought.


I am level 39 and in the next 2 days I will be getting the indominus. Ps I have 500 s dna


I’m at level 41 and I have 1000 sdna