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Indoraptor VS 100 Velociraptors (JWA Bonus Battles #4)

Remember, no research, only a fight for fun. If a compy kills an argentinosaurus, ya see why.

Indoraptor can be seen walking through the forest. Suddenly, 5 velociraptors emerge from the bushes, all pouncing. Indoraptor grabs one, swipes another, then tail whips 3 thanks to its quick reflexes.

Indoraptor is bit on the leg by another one, but really feels nothing. He then swipes the raptor into the ground, then pushes it away. Suddenly, a barrage of them (20) jump indo. Then, in dramatic movie fashion, indo roars and all velociraptors are sent flying.

Indoraptor is then seen montaging on 10 more velociraptors, then seen using one to knock out 8. then using that one as a bowling ball for 5 more. 25 velociraptors come running, causing indo to rush at them, scattering them all.

Indoraptor smashes another velociraptor into the ground, then grabs another and throws him at 6 of them. 3 begin clawing at indo, with another 10 coming in. Indo comedically pulls out a bomb, and throws it onto the incoming raptors and spins to get rid of the last 3 previously attacking him.

Indoraptor then gets into the trees, and throws down 6 he finds. He finds the remaining 14 and pounces them, knocking away 8. The remaining 6 perform their final team attack, with 4 grabbing indo’s legs, one biting his neck, at the final going at his face. Unfortunately, indo bites that one as he comes close, then while the remaining velociraptors are latched, jumps in the water, causing them to fall off. Indo swims out, and comedically shakes himself dry.

That was a long one… probably won’t do another “Superior VS 100 Inferiors.” Maybe one more, but stay tuned for the next one and the next JWA Battles Episode: Poukandactylus VS Pterovexus.