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Indoraptor vs Indoraptor Gen2

Wich one would you prefer? They both use same Super DNA and both Indominus cost the same, so it’s purely about stats

I don’t have either, but gen one has less health, more attack yielding a better cool down.


Get both!

G2 has around a 3:1 health attack which is a good balance and borderline meat shield.

Indoraptor is more glass cannon than tank at a 2:1 ratio but packs the heavy hits, with a shorter cool-down.

Imagine facing this type of a line up:

Initially, pick which suits you best.


Depends on if you have any other comparable carnivore meat shields. If you do (like lvl 30-40 Tanycolagreus or some Pachygalosaurus) then you’d probably want to mainly get the Gen 1. If not, the Gen 2 will help fill that gap.

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I think,Indoraptor,because, lower cooldown, and significantly decent attack,and no need for more health when the original already has so much

I prefer gen 1.


Pachygalosaurus, Metriaphodon and Indo gen 1? I’d just give up.

Gen 1 all the way for me. I just prefer glass cannon over a balanced creature.

I’ll go for Gen1 for now. I have enough Super DNA for at least 8 of them, so i may go for 4 Gen1 and 4 Gen2, though leveling both Indo rexes is a scary prospect lol

maybe,but the indoraptor looks good not the indoraptor what do u say??