Indoraptor VS Quetzorion VS Magnapyritor VS Erlikospyx VS Dracoceratosaurus Part 1 (JWA Bonus Battles Movie)

The scene opens on Indoraptor Gen 2 fighting Erlidominus.

Erlidominus: Enters cloak Rampage!

Erlidom swipes at G2 twice, but he dodges as he has evasive stance active, and uses Cautious Strike to knock Erlidom into a burning building.

Indo G2: All too easy.

Erlikospyx: Take this!

Spyx tries to pounce G2, but G2 dodges.

Indo G2: Pathetic… knocks Spyx over

Spyx: gets up I’m not letting you get away with the chaos you caused.

Indo G2: I already have… jumps through a portal

Spinonyx walks to Spyx in the burning village. Indo G2 had caused the fire and Spyx and Erlidom had tried to stop him, but he was too powerful for them at that moment.

Spino: noticing the portal closes in 60 seconds You know… you can still stop him.

Spyx: I know. But don’t we have to tend to the village first?

Spino: I’ll handle that. You focus on bringing that guy to his knees.

Spyx is about to jump through the portal, 30 seconds left.

Spino: Spyx… be careful out there. Remember everything you learned until this point… I can tell the portal holds great dangers. Every movie has that sort of thing, anyway.

Spyx: Ok… and stop breaking the fourth wall. That’s not allowed in this movie.

Spino: Fine, sorry. Now go, you fool!

Spyx jumps in on the 5 second mark, with the portal closing behind him.

Spino: Ok, now how am I gonna get a firetruck here…?

Cue epic intro with Indoraptor, Quetzorion, Magnapyritor, Erlikospyx, and Dracoceratosaurus

Part 2 begins soon. Prepare yourself for a long movie…

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This is really well done, would you mind if I were to try to make this into a comic? And possibly post it on insta? I would credit you either way and you could choose whether I post it or not

Yes, that’s allowed actually


So you don’t mind if I DM you the details?

Sorry for the horrible writing and lighting and stuff, but here it is. I really need to get in top of the lighting so that it doesn’t effect my drawing photos