Indoraptor VS Quetzorion VS Magnapyritor VS Erlikospyx VS Dracoceratosaurus Part 2 (JWA Bonus Battles Movie)

The scene opens on Erlikospyx hopping through the portal. He scans the environment, looking for Indo G2, but to no avail.

Spyx: Where’d he go?

As it turns out, yes, he took too long to get through the portal. However, he was gonna have some unsuspecting company…

Dracoceratosaurus (sneaking through the bushes): Ok. That is one big theropod. But can he see me?

Spyx: Why are there so many Compyceratopses here?

Dracocerato: Guess not. Better take this as my chance to take him out, I suppose.

Spyx continues walking until he hears Dracocerato shouting.

Dracocerato: Swap in savagery!

The hit is successful, and it knocks Spyx back.

Spyx: Ok, where the heck did you come from? Whatever, if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get!

Spyx slashes at Dracocerato twice, successfully landing them, but Dracocerato utilizes a headbutt to counter.

Spyx: Minimal speedup strike!

Spyx knocks Dracocerato back, and successfully becomes faster than before.

Spyx: Precise pounce!

The pounce lands on Dracocerato, but he isn’t done yet. Dracocerato uses cleansing impact to cancel out the distraction effect, and adds a cunning impact to the mix.

Dracocerato: That’s what I call a taste of your own medicine!

Spyx: That’s it, I’m ending this now. LETHAL WOUND!

The attack lands, and K.O’s Dracocerato.

Spyx: Geez… I haven’t used that attack in 4 months…

Spyx walks over to Dracocerato’s knocked out body, and notices he isn’t dead, just injured.

Spyx: Well at least I didn’t kill him. I gotta keep moving…

Cue transition

Part 3 comes soon! Prepare for a couple 1v1’s and 1v1v1’s.

where! where! I wanna see Compyceratopses!

I made that hybrid in Lego Jurassic World and I thought it should have a guest appearance here lol.