Indoraptor VS Quetzorion VS Magnapyritor VS Erlikospyx VS Dracoceratosaurus Part 3 (JWA Bonus Battles Movie)

The scene opens by a river, with Dimetrocarnus fighting Quetzorion.

Carnus: Ugh, he keeps blocking and dodging most of my attacks!

Quetz: Too slow, bro!

Quetz knocks out Carnus, in time for Magnapyritor to come across him and notice his knocked out brother.


Magna attempts to attack Quetz, but he dodges in time.

Quetz: Woah, what the heck?


Quetz: Woah woah woah, calm down. I only knocked him out.

Magna: DIE!

Quetz claws Magna and knocks him back.

Quetz: Boy, is this gonna be a long day…

Magna: Nullifying impact!

This move removes Quetz’s dodging abilities.

Quetz: What the-


This attack blows Quetz backwards, but he recovers and uses Crafty Strike to de-power Magna.

Quetz: Ha, yeah! You like that?

These words are said as Quetz claws, kicks and headbutts Magna, pushing him to a wall.

Magna: I’m not finished yet… DISTRACTING IMPACT!

Quetz takes the hit, but isn’t affected by the distraction.

Quetz: Fool… that doesn’t work on me.

Quetz combos Magna again by slashing him 5 times, biting and throwing him upward and kicking him multiple times before knocking him back to the ground and pushes him into a tree.

Magna, while stunned: But mom, I don’t wanna wake…

Quetz: Huh. You’re not that tough…

Quetz rushes towards Magna, and gets ready for his most powerful attack to finish Magna.

Quetz: Prepare for the big one… NULLIFYING RAMPA-

Right before the attack lands on Magna, Spyx knocks Quetz into Magna’s house.

Spyx: Huh. You’re pretty similar to the other guy I fought earlier…

Spyx uses a temporary heal on Quetz.

Spyx: I’ll hope for you to get well soon.

Magna: HEY! That’s MY house you just destroyed!

Spyx: Hey I just sav-

Magna pounces Spyx and they both roll over into a new portal that leads them into a volcanic area, some lava here and there.

Cue Transition

Part 4 will get interesting. Get ready.