Indoraptor VS Quetzorion VS Magnapyritor VS Erlikospyx VS Dracoceratosaurus Part 4 (JWA Bonus Battles Movie)

The portal leads Spyx and Magna, from last time, to a volcanic-y area, but they are both on the safer side.


Spyx: Dude, I said I was sorry. What more do you want me to say?

The two go on for a bit while Indoraptor is walking along the path.

Indoraptor: I gotta find that boost. A promise is a promise…

Indoraptor continues walking until he notices Spyx and Magna, notably Magna.

Indo: Magna?

Indo runs to Magna with Magna looking in his direction.

Indo: I never thought I’d see you again! How’s thing’s been going?

Magna: Pretty much good until today… I was fighting a turkey for almost killing my brother, and now THIS guy because he destroyed my house. Can you believe this, Indo?

Spyx: Wow, dude. You’re still going on about that after I told you like a million times I’m sorry. And besides, it’s gone now!

Indo: Actually, it’s not. I came across it while coming through a portal. It’s not completely destroyed. Yet.

Magna: Wait whaaaa-

Spyx: What’s this? holding a boost

Indo: Yo, I need that.

Magna: Well if you need it, it probably means trouble! You’re going down, Indo!

Spyx: Hold on, your name… is Indo. As in Indoraptor?

Indo: Yes…?

Spyx: Well, you’re going down!

Indo: Heh. So that’s how it is… well, you two better not disappoint me.

Magna leads the battle by nullifying distracting Indo, but Indo cleanses it and hits Magna with a powerful attack. This causes Spyx to pounce Indo, and knock him back.


Magna tries to hit Spyx with a fierce rampage, but it misses thanks to Spyx’s still-going speedup. Indo comes out of nowhere and attacks Spyx from behind with a precise piercing rampage.

Indo: That went well. I thin-

Magna: Oh my land, just die already.

Magna uses multiple fierce rampages, but each is avoided thanks to Indo’s evasive stance.

Indo: Looks like you’re gonna need to try harder than that you little-

Magna knocks away Indo from a failed dodge from where Spyx attempts to pounce Magna, who dodges the attack and knocks Spyx out next to a crater.

Magna: That wasn’t so bad like the last ti-

Indo: Magna! This. Ends. Now.

Indo walks to Magna, looking a bit more serious than before.

Cue Transition

Next one isn’t coming out so fast. But will still come pretty soon.