Indoraptor VS Quetzorion VS Magnapyritor VS Erlikospyx VS Dracoceratosaurus Part 6 (JWA Bonus Battles Movie)

We pick back up with Spyx approaching an exhausted Indo.

Spyx: I’m pretty sure he’s not dead…

Spyx looks down at Indo.

Indo: Oh, hey there…

Spyx: I have many questions for you… for one, how’d you even know Magna?

Indo: Well… we both entered a race once… it was me, him, Procerathomimus, Poukaidei, and I think her name was Utarinex.

Spyx: And you’re sure you’re not hiding your true identity?

Indo: Wait wha-

Spyx pounces, and causes a large crater.

Spyx: That oughta bring him down for good.

Indo: Oh, I don’t think so.

Spyx: How the actual hec-

Indo: Take this!

Indo smacks Spyx to another wall.

Spyx: Oh gosh darn it. This always has to happen.

Indo: Ok, time to die now.

Spyx attempts to hit Indo, who proceeds to evade every non-precise hit. Indo hits Spyx with a cleansing impact to undo the effects of lethal wound and revenge distracting impact.

Indo: This is the finale!

Indo hits Spyx with a defense shattering rampage, a move he hasn’t used in a while. This K.O’s Spyx.

Indo: That was a bizarre adventure…

Indo G2: Sup.

Indo: Holup how you alive?

Indo G2: I’m not monologuing.

Indo: Do it or I’m killing you.

Indo G2: Fine. Anyway, you previously thought you and Carnoraptor killed me by shooting me into that very lava pit right there. Thing is, before I fell down, I was saved by a couple Pterovexus. So basically, I went to that guy’s pointing at Spyx village and burned it down.

Indo: Ohhhhh, so that’s why he came after me.

Indo G2: Now that you’re powerless, this is the perfect chance to kill you.

Quetz: Not today!

Quetz claws G2 head, although unfortunately he proceeds to dodge the rest of the attacks.

Carnus: The heck happened here?

Quetz: Knew you didn’t die!

Carnoraptor: Yo, Indo the heck’s going on- OK why the heck is HE (G2) alive?

Indo G2: Well. This seems a little unfair. sees the boost in Indo’s hand I’ll take that!

Indo: Hey!

Indo G2: Finally, all 3 boosts are mine…

Indo G2 uses all of the boosts, turning himself into his JWTG level 40 evolution.

Indo G2: Ha, that’s what I’m talking about! What will you do now?

Carnoraptor: What I do best… kick butt.

Carnoraptor leaps at G2.

Quetz: Don’t think I’m letting YOU have all the fun.

Quetz and Carnus jumps in, with Indo following after. Indo G2 rushes towards them, until he notices Dracocerato.

Dracocerato: Swap in savagery!

The heroes and G2 are about to clash before the screen pauses there and fades.

Spyx: Aw man, a cliffhanger? I hate those…

Cue credits

Winner! (technically. have you read the title?)

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Oh and I said there was gonna be a part 7 but I managed to just put that in here. I didn’t think there was a need to make this longer than necessary.