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Indoraptor VS Scorpius Rex (JWA Bonus Battles #5)

Note: This battle is not researched. At all. Simply made for fun. NOW LET’S GET IT!

Scorpius can be seen standing in an open field. Meanwhile, Indoraptor, prowling through the bushes, jumps out and claws at Scorp, who begins throwing a temper tantrum similar to how it does in JWA.

Indo roars, only to be grabbed by the head and thrown. Indo lands on its feet and roars again, leading to Scorp roaring back and shooting quills. Indo dodges most of them and deflects one, then runs towards Scorp, who keeps roaring, only to be swiped in the face. Indo then pounces at Scorp, who kicks him far away again and begins shooting a stream of quills.

Indo runs past all these then begin swiping at Scorpius, who dodges and swipes him in the face. Indo lands on the ground, spots a giant stick, picks it up, and throws it at Scorp’s head, landing a direct hit.

While Scorp was distracted, takes the chance to run up and digs his claws into Scorp’s back. Scorp shakes uncontrollably while Indo digs his claws deeper into Scorp, then Indo performs an upwards swipe to end Scorp, causing him to fall down. Indo then steps on Scorp’s body, and roars in victory.

Brutal victory by the raptor we all want buffed! Have some fun in the polls!

Do you want this to be an actual battle?
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Do you want an alternate ending?
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Fill out the polls, and I’ll see you before Friday for Shart Dog VS Shart Doed (Andrewtodon VS Megistocurus)


Awesome story!!!

Really good

Amazing story as always!
Found this hilarious lol

Though I do wonder, was scorp able to actually shoot its quills? I haven’t seen the show in a while

I think it can, haven’t seen it in a minute either. I just like to imagine it can, if not

This will become a true battle, and the alternate ending is now done.