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Indoraptor VS Thoradolosaur: Who do you prefer between the starter uniques?

Either one of these two, on average, will be your first unique. Me personally, I find indo better because of speed, partial immunity and cleansing, along with evasive stance. Thor is just a T-Rex with lower health, attack, slightly better speed, and an instant charge. But really, that move doesn’t make much of a difference in most cases. But who do you think is better?

  • Indoraptor
  • Thoradolosaur

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Indo is better, although I doubt there is a point in using any of them. Nowadays many legendaries are better than these and that’s really stupid. Even Thor’s parent, Allosino, is better

I would have picked Thor but… I don’t even have one, as I started with Erlidominus. Got Indoraptor without even trying much, but it’s not even on my team, as my team was complete before I got Indo.

The only downside to Indo is competing with Thor for resources

If you’re lucky with evasive… then it’s a beast imo… but the downside is… it’s not 100% anymore. Being slowed is also a thing :grimacing:

But I would choose Indo over Thor.

Indoraptor is better equipped to deal with just about everything in the game.

Thor has the edge only against the likes of Ardentismaxima and Geminititan and other high JP tanks.

I want that indo. Mine has the exact same stats as the one you fight in the campaign