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Indoraptor vs Trykosaurus?


Considering the leak of the Sunday event, where you get an amazingly absurd amount of shots at unique dinosaurs, I’m wondering which I should aim for, either Indoraptor or Trykosaurus.

They seem to serve the same general role, that being the ability to pierce through shields at high damage, but Indoraptor is fast, and Trykosaurus is a tank. Which one is preferable? The other thing I think is important to take into consideration is the difficulty to fuse them naturally. With Trykosaurus’ seemingly more difficult creature requirements, is it worth trying to get DNA for the harder to fuse creature now?

Another thing, that’s more specific to me, is that I already have a little bit of Indoraptor DNA. Should I stick to more or less getting a guaranteed Indorpator, or risk potentially coming just shy of unlocking Trykosaurus?

Thanks for the input!

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Well totally depends on your darting skills and what you required in your team. I personally will go for tryko as I’m far away to create it plus I’ve Indoraptor. I think I’ll get tryko in min 3 or max 5 attempt. If you’re not sure then I’d suggest you to go for Indo or else go for tryko/erildom.


One thing you have to consider is that Tryko will take way way longer to level up than Indoraptor. But it sure is stronger and more rare… I want it, but I’ve decided to go after Erlidom… it’ll be less of a struggle for me to progress.


Really depends on what kind of team you have and what levels your fusing ingredients are at… Judging from your post, I am assuming that you probably haven’t unlocked any uniques yet… If that’s the case, I would go for Indoraptor, which is a fast all-around generalist and can be easily leveled… Tryko is a great dino, but it’s ingredients are much harder to come across, therefore, even if you do unlock it, you risk having it stagnant at level 21 for a very long time… Currently floating at 5k, after the reset, and still haven’t unlocked Tryko… Will be going for Erlidom this week, cause am really close to unlocking it and figure I can level it to 23, maybe 24… Meanwhile will start fusing Tryko with the rewards from daily missions…

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I’m all on indoraptor, I need 36 DNA in each shot if I want to unlock it this Sunday