Indoraptor? Will we manage?


As everybody will very soon see, this weeks event will most likely include the Indoraptor (excited much).
As it’s wearing a green ring around its avatar, it means it classifies as a unique right?

How many unique DNA is required to create a unique? Do you think we will be able to create him with just 3 chances?

How many attempts at Indoraptor will we get?

I doubt it, they’ll prob fuel off the kids that think OMG I NEED THAT DINO. They’ll give us some of the dna but I srsly doubt i’ll be enough…


Guessing need 250. Seems each rarity requires 50 more than previous to unlock. Common to legendary so far has been 50 -> 100 -> 150 -> 200.


I’m afraid so… Raptor Blue should be doable though.


I got blue and i have to say shes’s a savage. 131 speed at lv11 and i even could level her up once but i still havent even seen a glimpse of the indoraptor… its not even avialable anywhere right now for me. Like shouldnt it be shown as a “?“ hybrid in the indominus rex’s menu? I can only see erlodominus there…


@XK4S8I your showcase pack gave you Blue’s dna? Lucky you for getting the correct pack lol


How did you get blue?


Perhaps it is a hybrid you can’t make, only catch?


I bought the showcase boxes and they spit out about 391 dns for blue. I created her for 150 and still had 241 left


But in the promotion video it is shown to be the second generatable hybrid for indominus rex


@Peter_B i got the wrong one at first too. Three times to be preciese…


@XK4S8I You had to buy all 4 packs and only the 4th was correct?


Wait, so you spent 12k in cash just to get blue and indoraptor DNA? Lol I’m confused.


Can you show stats and attacks?


@Peter_B allmost correct. The first three packs i bought just gave me last weeks dns. After that the next three i got gave me the right dns (yes i am a paying user at times) but still i’d really apprecciate to get a refund at least in in-game-currency for the bugged boxes


@XK4S8I I see… yes i would like to as well… you can go to your payment store (mine is apple) and request a refund for not getting the item described… usually they do it


Just wondering how many attempts we’ll get at Indoraptor as it’s a unique so isn’t in the support document on here:


I’m hoping it will be 3 attempts again although I don’t think I’ll get enough DNA to create it.


@ABluesfan i hope you don’t need blue at level 20 in order to create indoraptor dna. I got her on lv12 now and 141/150 dns of her and i don’t think we will get many opportunitys to get blue’s dns…


@Peter_B i hope my account won’t get banned or something like that for doing so…


@XK4S8I if you have solid reason to do that, i dont think youll get banned… they havent answered anybody on support on money matters, that we are aware of… so idk man