Today I finally got my vraptor to 20, and I’ve been waiting for this moment for a couple days now, but I FINALLY have DNA towards the indoraptor!!! Eeeekkkkk!


Congrats, I always face someone with Indoraptor if I’m close to 3600 Trophies and loose. :sob:


Best of luck with creating it… I find the DNA given is not as kind as the indomijus rex… I don’t understand how some have a level 21+ indoraptor???


Some people have a lot of extra cash. Throwing 1k on the game literally doesn’t affect them.


He’s a Unique … you unlock them at LV 21 … so if you would see a lower one it must be hacked.

And Legendaries start at LV 16.


Different rarities start at different levels:

Common = 1
Rare = 6
Epic = 11
Legendary = 16
Unique = 21

Indoraptor is a Unique so it’s created at level 21.