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Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that the game is still crashing when you attempt to collect your Indoraptor from the Hatchery even after claiming the Community Fusion event reward. If you haven’t already reached out to our support team, could you contact them here at along with your support key so they can investigate further? If you had already reached out to them, our team will try to get back to you as soon as they can. Thanks!

I was was playing the game earlier today just fine. The next time I loaded the game it kept crashing. Then I tried clearing the Game cache and it loaded and was extremely laggy and then crashed after a couple of seconds. i tried clearing the phone’s cache partition and that didn’t fix it. I then cleared the Game Data, uninstalled and reinstalled and when I loaded the game it had my game there (it must have automatically connected to my Google account?) and then after a couple of seconds it froze and crashed.

It loads a 21 days of T-Rex-Mas notice when I get in the game and if I try clicking anything but the X it gives me a Jurassic World isn’t responding Do you want to close it message. If I click the X then it shows my park but freezes and crashes after just a second or two. Since I cleared my phone’s cache partition, cleared the game cache, cleared the game data, uninstall and reinstalled, I don’t think the issue can be on my side. There must be a bug on your side. How can we fix this? I don’t want to pay for a game I can’t play.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V)
Android version 6.0.1

Ez @Thomas_Peeters