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Indoraptor's evasive NOT working


I think the Evasive move doesn’t work! Today I used it several times and it never worked. Does anyone else have the same problem?


It’s a 50/50 shot. A coin flip. And I’ve had plenty of matches where my indo won’t dodge but the other player’s would. It’s just a run of bad luck, not a bug.


This never happened to me like this. I understand it’s 50/50 but I used that dino several times in friendly challenges and it didn’t dodge even once! That is VERY odd.


It’s more like 80% than 50.

Keep playing, it’ll get better.

Then worse.
Then better.
Then terrible.
Then awesome.
Then you’ll want to quit.

Played a match today, indo v indo, we went 6x each and evaded every single time.

Maybe we used all yours up today.


Whoa, share some of that RNG luck with the rest of us !


I think I did, went from Lockwood to bottom of ruins that day.


Its really how the rng goes in this game. Some will say its all in our head that we only observe the bad luck. Me I currently play 4 collectable card games including the king of rng hearthstone. So many random effects in those games it makes this game look mild at times. And in those games sometimes rng favors me… sometimes not. Here its the rng favors me like crazy 6 matches in a row followed by 6 matches where it hates me. Sure there are some games where it feels ok. But they tend to be the exceptions.