Indoraptor's New Year Picture Session!

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The Park’s Indoraptor, Agnarr, had made quite the impact on his entry. The Dinosaurs loved him, and in his ambition they observed the reflection of their old Indominus friend.

One fine day, one of the Handlers dropped their mobile by accident into the Indoraptor paddock. Who does such a careless deed, right? But hey, at least he didn’t do something like tranquilizing Agnarr to get his tooth, then realising that it didn’t work, which led to Agnarr escaping — because that’s crazy.

Agnarr’s excitement seeing this technology was beyond what could be expressed in words. On clicking a weird button on the mobile, he saw a reflection of himself and his surroundings. Most other creatures wouldn’t know it’s them and aggressively react to their own mirror image, but not Agnarr. He knew that he’s the one and only one there is.

His smartness further led him to something that piqued his curiosity. He got his first selfie.

From then on, he’s learnt how to turn on flashlight while recording himself in the dark arena where he frequently battles.

He didn’t stop there though! The timer feature was soon discovered, and since then Agnarr went fully head over heels with the camera.

On his visit to the Mountains, too, Agnarr had some fun with the camera.

The fun was short-lived, though. The Handler returned while Agnarr was sleeping, and silently tried to take his mobile back. But then, he tried to do something apparently brave – take a picture with a sleeping Indoraptor. His idea would have probably, just probably, worked…

…What a big, big mistake. The flashlight was on.

Happy New Year, folks! :partying_face: JWTG did played a major role in our 2020, didn’t it? :wink:


indoraptor go grrr


Haha yes :crazy_face:

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Fury’s first maxed creature of 2021 :joy:

Picture credits : Indoraptor



but what is indoraptor doing in the creation lab?

Maybe fusing himself a sister…or 2?


Having a maxed indoraptor is like smashing your lineup ferocity then throwing it into the bin
I have a picture of indoraptor too


I have maxed pachy and gorgo.


Nice! :+1: