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Indoraptors partially missing sound in showcase

I don’t know if this was reported already, but it’s already a few patches that the 2 Indoraptors missing the typical “hissing” while in showcase screen, and this also applies in AR. I have a video in my phone dated on Summer where I “played” with the Indoraptor and the hissing is there. But if trying to record a new one it just doesn’t sound it. Only the OG Indoraptor does it a bit in the middle of animation 2.
On the bright side, they still does while in battle, either arena or raid.

Hey Flaren89, do you have the comparison video? I seem to still hear the “hissing” sound on my device :thinking: .

The Summer video is quite big, 48 MB. I don’t know if I can put it here.

EDIT: comparing the Summer video with what does now… It now feels pretty much a big feline in comparison. Much more growler, no hissing sound apart for Animation 2. It’s literally a complete different “sound”.


Hmm, I can definitely forward the feedback to our team!

I have done a video before ingame live, then switched into the Movie program to check back the video I did on last Summer. It’s 69 MB, do I have a way to send to you directly or should I upload somewhere?

I repeat, the issue is only in showroom/case and in AR. PvP and Raid is fine.

Hey Flaren89, I don’t believe you’re able to send a file that large directly. However, I’ll make a note of your feedback regarding Indoraptor and send it over to our team.


I’m pretty sure Indo G2 has always been missing a sound effect unique to the OG, it’s something I always found cool.

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I agree! Indoraptor Gen 2 did always seem to have a deeper call with a bit of hissing in the background.

Yep, IndoG2 always had a bit growler and less hissing sound, that’s I recall pretty well.

Fact is now IndoG2 in showroom/case doesn’t do any kind of hissing whatsoever, while IndoG1 does only on Animation 2 and it has a very Feline-like growl when it had to do the hissing sound in the idle animation.

Again, in Arena and Raid they sound correctly though.

Still have that comparison video up, but it’s big. Only way to share I think would to put in a hosting site and then link it here, or upload on YT and share link.

Thing to understand is if it’s device-related or wide-spread.