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Indoraptors rework idea

Both Indos seems out of place for what they are so I had a concept for what they could be in a future update or patch

First here is a good way to balance gen 2 and still make it a good Dino in the meta

Indoraptor gen 2:
Crit Chance:30%
Armor: 15%
Immunities: immune to stunning and distraction
Move set: cautious strike deal 1x damage , 75% chance to dodge for two turns. Reduce opponents damage by 25% for one turn.

Mutual fury: Increase damage by 50%: 1 turn for the opponent and two turns for self. down 2

Precise pounce: deal 2x damage bypass cloak and evasive abilities. Reduced opponents damage by 50% for one turn. Cool down 1

Short defense: deal 1x times damage gain 50% shields for two turns. cool down 2

And then indo can get some small changes
To make it a bit more viable
Indoraptor gen 1
Health: 3,900
Speed: 128
Immunities: immune to stuns and immune to distraction
Move set:
Defense shattering strike: deal 1x bypass armor and shields

Cleansing impact: deal 1.5 times damage. cool down 2

Defense shattering pounce: destroy shields bypass armor deal 2x damage. Reduced damage by 50% for one turn. Cool down 1

Evasive stance

This is just my idea tho so if anyone got some concepts on how ludia should balance these two share them

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What if either Indo had a bleeding skill. Like a new skill that’s unique just for those two like a Defense Shattering Lethal rampage I guess. It’d be like a normal DSR but with bleeding ontop. I dunno really.

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Interesting idea sounds good :ok_hand: plus helps against chompers

Although the defense shattering might be a bit much

Interesting ideas you got there, but I personally wouldn’t change anything on the indoraptors.


I mean the fact is the way these two are just put together is ridiculous especially the one is so op it takes two other op Dino’s to stand a chance against it and the other once it does it job it mostly like rat bait cause now every speedsters is rat bait

Here’s what I would do.

  1. Remove immune to distract from both Indoraptors. They don’t need it. Both of them can cleanse.

  2. Change the way evasive stance works. 50% chance to dodge on the turn it is activated. If the dodge fails, the chance to dodge increases to 83%. If it is successful, the chance decreases to 33%.

  3. Remove the cleanse and dodge effects from cautious strike.

  4. Compensation buffs for both of them. Each of them gains +100 health and +80 attack.

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Hmm ya but it pretty good against precise pounce and other distraction attacks (super useful Against tryko) so I think it would keep plus it can only use cleansing impact every two turns, while fury can keep going since only has one cool down. I like the way the evasive would work although I start at 75% if it dodges it goes down to 50% then If dodges again goes to 35%. If doesn’t 80% then 100%
The rest I agree especially the CS stoke nerf only thing I switch dodge with speed up

Yet nice concepts tho👍🏻

If that’s the main problem, then try to learn how to counter Indoraptor Gen 2. Precise/Definite attacks, Nullifying attacks, Immunity and Decelerating attacks should get the job done! If you haven’t already, then get her for yourself. She’s already a beast at low levels.

I gave it a try the only ones are Gemini and maxima and even if something had precise or definitive they gave to go thru a distraction. And even if you slow it can keep cleansing

Even erlidom and pro rat can’t defeat it and Orion only has a35%

The thing is, there’s no creature faster than Indoraptor Gen 2 with decelerating, meaning he can’t cleanse himself if the slowing attack is performed on second turn.

What? Hang on indo decelerate ? Huh?

Pls clarify a bit

As you said earlier, Indoraptor Gen 2 could easily just cleanse herself from deceleration, but there is no creature in the game which is faster than Indo Gen 2 that has a slowing move, meaning he can’t immediately cleanse itself from slowing attacks, since they’ll be performed after Indoraptor Gen 2’s first move. Did you understand now, or do I have to make it even clearer?

Oh no i got but then they have to go thro cloak and evasive if a slowing and even if it’s superiority it just uses cautious again or mutual fury and it starts all over again

Or it can go for evasive

You’d at least go first for 1 turn, which is enough to do some serious damage, if you hit through evasion, or use a nullifying/precise/definite attack.

True but well that’s like umm what Dino would this be that be able to do that just curious