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Indoraptors rework idea

Although then maybe indo gen two should get precise or armor pounce

Actually i don’t think It should be nerfed, at first i thought it should If It had that move but i changed my mind. I think the unique indo could have this new move without any change to the stats It has now.

Those are interesting moves, but i guess i prefer indo gen2 with it’s current kit a lot more.

Ya but it make it indo 2.0 but also better in some areas AK if with precise it could be good counters to erlidom, erliko, Orion, while still being weak to tank and then indo being good against tanks but not against speedsters and then chompers and bleeders are like minimal threats

Each being good in their own way it’s a very good idea in my opinion :grin:

I don’t see why it should be weak to tanks, it’s still an indo, raptor and rex fuse, so It should be able to shatter stuff with the definitive rampage. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that :sweat_smile: Imo Indo gen2’s kit is perfect the way It is and shouldn’t be changed(with the exception of cautious strike nerf), i just love everything about It and want It to stay like this.

Lol but then you just keep denying it broken and it doesn’t have any problem but ya ok agree to disagree

No, i think It is OP and agreed that It should get a nerf to cautious strike, but not to change all the rest of the moveset. Just my preference on how to balance It. I wanted to balance It without straying from the original concept. So a simple nerf to cautious strike instead of a total rework was my answer.

Ya okay I can respect that we are all entitled to our own opinions Now that like crapper the r🐀 has got to go😂

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Surprisingly I don’t mind the rat staying as It is(though i don’t care If It gets nerfed either), but It sure is annoying :laughing:

Lol plus if it get nerfed out Indos won’t have to worry about being under 2,7k health😅

It would be one less worry for all Glass cannons indeed. I think they all have developed a rat paranoia and PTSD :laughing:

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:rofl:(insert ten characters)

Hahah no

one lvl 17 destroyed my team enough that ll all my dinos became to weak to survive anything

I’m sorry but that would make them much weaker if you removed their immunity to distraction. Indominus g1/g2 are immune to everything so each Indoraptor should be as well.

Procera would crush both if they didn’t have that immunity.

I want procerath nerfed too. No dino should have more than 2 conditional immunities, especially if one of them is rendered redundant. Both Indos can cleanse. The only reason the Indoms are immune is to make cloak not useless.

Indos can cleanse but if you already used that move and next distracting dino swaps in then they are dead.

Um what? It is immune

Ya that’s why I left it with immunity that’s the only reason it’s good now due to those immunities and i don’t think anyone want the old indo back

The immunity to Distraction is not redundant, even if either Indo’s cleansing move is available: it allows them to counter Tryko and Dioraj more effectively, not just Procera. Plus other creatures like Ankyntro, but those are less relevant.

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