Indoraptors reworked: poll

I’ll dive straight in.

1] Indoraptor
~4000 HP (formerly 3900)
~1420 attack
~128 speed
~20% critical chance

•Armour-piercing Strike
•Cleansing Impact
•Defense-shattering Rampage
•Evasive Stance

Immunity to Distraction (formerly Immunity to Distraction and Stuns)

2] Indoraptor Gen 2
~4000 HP (formerly 3900 HP)
~1400 attack
~128 speed
~5% critical chance (formerly 20%)

•Cautious Strike (minus the Cleanse, Precision and Speed buff)
•Mutual Fury
Precise-shattering Rampage (formerly Defense-shattering Rampage)
•Evasive Stance

Immunity to Stuns (formerly Immunity to Distraction and Stuns)

Edit: changed Definite Rampage to Precise-shattering Rampage for Indoraptor G2. I decided removing Cloak was too much.

So, what do you think? This way both Indoraptors have different roles, and stun gets to become more relevant in the arena. Also, this particular Cautious Strike nerf was voted for the most, so Indoraptor G2 is now more easily counterable.

  • Thumbs up!
  • Thumbs down.
  • Neutral.

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I sorta wanted to make one of Indoraptor’s moves Precise, since it can echolocate, but for balance’s sake I think this version is fine as is.

Anyway, happy voting!


Ok, giving back the definite rampage to the GEN 2 is bad, and the GEN 1 is OK at the moment


Ya that was kind the thing that mad me go neutral and that gen one lost immune to stun.

Definite rampage is just to much for gen2 especially with MF

As for gen one it make more sense to remove distraction since it had a cleansing move it just mean has to be smart about like in the old days

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I removed the Precision from Cautious Strike, forgot to put that in the first time.

It’s meant to be anti-dodge, so I took away the Precision from CS and gave it back Definite Rampage. Since it can be Distracted now, it isn’t OP.

It can be Distracted.

Both of them have Cleansing moves.
Also, I left the OG as the one that’s Immune to Distraction so that G2 could get Definite Rampage. Creatures that are Immune to Distraction can’t get that move.


idk what the problem is giving something definite rampage as long as there is a way to reduce the damage. alternatively Precise Shattering Rampage?

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mate, just leave the GEN 1 alone, is the GEN 2 the problem
no one complains about the black indoraptor
you seem like the only one who apparently “complains” about it


Actually, I already changed it lol. Going through evasion without removing it is fine for G2.

You’re right, most forum-goers don’t complain about the OG, but the fact that both Indoraptors have Immunity to stuns plays a big role in killing variety in the arena.
Partial Immunities haven’t been distributed right imo, so I’m trying it out myself.


The thing is there is no way to distract it unless you either have instant or your slower since MF speeds up and cleanse stuff like dilorach, spxs and such can’t distract

if that then the stun immunity should be removed from creatures like entelomoth or paramoloch, not indoraptor GEN 1

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Also fun fact trykosaurus technically never loses to indo if it never goes for evasive for crits

I agree that Paramoloch doesn’t need Immunity to stuns, but why is it so important that Indoraptor keep it?
It received those Immunities because of the dodge nerf, but they weren’t taken away after the dodge buff, leaving Indoraptor more powerful than ever.

I’m pretty sure Indoraptor would still be viable without Immunity to stuns.

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I think It would make more sense for og indo to keep immunity to stuns as It has cleansing impact. And indo gen2 should be immune to distract instead as It is losing the cleasing effect on cautious strike. Aside from that, all i would change on your rework would be giving precise back to cautious strike ( so it’s distract, dodge and precision), and keep DSR on It. But i gave the thumbs up because i think your version would work well since indo gen2 with precise shattering rampage can be distracted. But i think i would prefer If their immunities were traded.


Since I think indo has more attack stun is it’s counter but stunners for indo have always been basically it kryptionite, it just does have the bulk to survive stunners distraction on the other hand is mind game for example Utahsino was a good counter if you predicted that Cleansing impact but it still lost I mean indo could easily beat distractors it just took skill and played practice

Indo G2 has Mutual Fury.

I didn’t want them to be too similar, and besides, having an anti-dodge Rampage was the original vision for Indo G2, so I think PSR fits better.

Honestly I feel it’s a blessing and a curse since it good against tanks not good against much else but I guess that kind of what the move is for

Yes, i know of mutual fury, i meant a cleansing damaging move. But really, I would be satisfied with your version in game, that’s why i voted on thumbs up. I would be perhaps skeptical of Ludia giving back the move to indo gen2, though i would be happy If they did. I also like It better with a precise shattering rampage.

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Indoraptor’s attack is it’s weak point. Bring it back to what it was before. As for IG2, there are a ton of ways to fix Cautious Strike. I’ve seen every variation of CS changes and all of them are better then our current monster. I think I probably prefer removing Cleanse & Speed.


Do you mean you prefer the removal of speed up and cleanse or a version with only speed up and cleanse?

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maybe for you…

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