Indoraptor's Stats in Jurassic World Alive! (and a Fallen Kingdom Theory)


Nothing is official until he is in the game, but when released, I am pretty sure this is what Indoraptor will look like. Image below, but first, a quick disclaimer:

Ok great, with that out of the way, here are his (or her?) stats.

I made a video here outlining my complete thoughts here, but let me highlight some important details:

The only thing raptor about him (or her?) is the name.

I believe his final move, Ferocity Strike, is going to be the final piece that makes this an indestructible killing machine. Think something like a 2x Priority attack, 2x 100% Stun rate, or something like that.

For those interested, my Fallen Kingdom theory is also below:

I think that the fact he is made from Velociraptor and not Blue (who is in the game) might be some foreshadowing of what happens in the movie. We know Blue is captured in the previews, but I wonder if Owen saves him before they use her to make Indoraptor, then they make Indoraptor with a different raptor instead. Blue does call for help before being captured, so maybe that is proof there are other raptors. Charlie, Delta, and Echo are also in the game, so even if they are still around, they probably weren’t who the DNA is from either. Just a theory. It could also be that they just didn’t want to make Indoraptor completely impossible to obtain.

So yeah, that is all I got! Let me know what you think.