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Indoratop evasive stance last 4 round

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Bug Description: indoraptor evasive stance last 4 round

Area is was found in:pvp

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- indo ES
Step 2 - ES last 4 round

How often does it happen: sometimes

What type of device are you using:s9

Indo ES last 4 round making way for indo to ES again without window for opponent to strike. Before this after indo use ES it will leave 1 round where indo is valnurable to hit before it can ES again

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I’ve noticed this is happening with any dodge move or ability when the oponent uses a hit and run move. It’s like it doesn’t consider the hit and run as a turn of attack… It also happens with Instant Invincibility

If im not mistaken it happen when any instant move is use especially instant stun

Swap in Dodge is also affected. I just updated another bug report today and asked @Ned, if there’s any fix in sight.

I’m actually not sure, if it affects “normal” shields as well. It’s hard to keep track over a couple of turns/not using a shield breaking attack in the meantime.

Thanks for reporting this to us, @McDo. If you could reach out to our support team here at with more details on how and when this issue would occur during your battle, it’d be really helpful for our team’s investigation.