Why has everyone now an indorraptor…in the lower Level? I loose 7 fights against Player that they have it in sonar swamp… when i think how much Raptor you need to creat it…

cause we just had an event where people could dart indoraptor and dart a whole ton of raptors.


Vrap was aplentiful before 1.3. Even now I still have 35K+ when my indorap is lvl 25 waiting for coins to level up.

I’m just wondering what your trophy count is, because I hang around 3.7k and have never had to fight one.

I used 20-30 scary scents lost count…bduring this event simply to stalk up on dino i dont see often and it workes out very well for me and added vraptor dna was a bonus…

I use scents generally at dusk or nighttime simply because any vraps i get as common spawns up the quality of my overall spawns… also helps with kapro dna. Vrap is easy to get if you plan for it right.

i had indoraptor in sorna in june :wink:
it’s been there before

Lol. The coming of this thread was what I brought up in the “why don’t we have 3 attempts at Indo” thread.

Raptors aren’t that hard to come by, depending on your location. If you live somewhere with a lot of public transport they’ll be everywhere.

I always assumed I stayed near a raptor nest because they were so many round here but there’s a bus stop at my door and a train station two mins away so that makes more sense

Hear are only in the evening some Raptor you will find … my town in Germany is very small …