Indo's crazy plan

OK, long story short:
• started playing this game when it first came out
• quit out when they created VIP (I really didn’t like that!)
• returned exactly one years ago. I was shocked by how the game evolved (considering that I had 0 cenos) and also found VIP pass to be reasonably priced for the amount of privileges you get in return
• My one year VIP pass is now over, but my strategy is to do a monthly renew there and there when new VIP exclusive creatures are released (35k LP obviously).

My goals are:
1. unlock/possess all creatures (just remaining 4: Grypo, Ptera gen 2, Pteraquetzal and Pachygalo)
2. obtain all Badges

The second goal is the most difficult one, because of how unbalanced is Indo’s ferocity at lvl 40 vs. all the other dinos in the game. Actually my ferocity is capped at lvl 40 VIPs, and going up further will extend CD too much (more than a day), making it a problem for daily PvE.

So I decided to follow a crazy plan:
1. hatch 9 Indo
2. speed fuse 8 of them (with VIP and DB… a total of 4x8h, 2x12h and 1x24h fusions) to reach lvl 31
3. get him to lvl 40
4. collect the reward
5. … and then sell him for the incredible amount of… 320k DNA!
6. Repeat for Indo gen2

Actually I’m still at step 1, just needing only 3k more s-dna to have enough to obtain 9 indo’s + 9 gen2.

The only unknown data was… how much FOOD do you need to go from 8 lvl 1 indos to 1 lvl 40?

And the answer is… 94.984.987! (more or less)

So, if anyone wants to go the same route… now you know how to do it.


OK, puting aside all the rest, but: why would you speed fuse Indoraptors to reach lvl 31 before selling them?!? You will get the same amount of DNA if you sold them at the level 1 - but this way you will save all those DBs and food you would throw away in the process of fusing them to 31…


That’s why:



As @Ago said he is looking for badge completion. I have 99,705,195 as the amount of food to get to a level 40. This is for Gen 1 I don’t have data yet on Gen 2 lvl 40.


Yes, I can see it now. Didn’t catch the badge part so it looked to me like a total waste of resources…

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