Indotarus swap strat

So if you swap into indotarus and you know your opponent has a swapper and it’s about to kill your creature you can swap into indotarus to trigger pesky alert and when the swapper comes in it will die to the counter setting up a decent chunk of damage next turn. If they survive the impact though you can cloak to make sure you get the kill. For this to work though the creature your swapping from must be faster than the opposing creature


Swapping to IndoT when I suspect my opponent will swap (and my creature on the field is faster) is one of my favorite tricks. On-escape antics are the best!


Also works with any other no escape dino.
SpinoC is my favorite.

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I completely agree. Kill with the counter and unless they can either distract or doge the opponent he going to take some major damage

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Absolute trolling at its finest

This sounds really good but I suck at predicting swaps but if I can know when an opponent will swap out I will use this strat


Indot and skoona are also good at smacking phorurex when it tries to swap away. As long as they have enough HP left, they can try to swap, trigger pho’s on-escape strike, and hit back hard with the counter. (Indot will sometimes get stunned, but it’s usually worth a shot anyway.)

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