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Indotaurus coming to JWA

After the Anniversary Poll, I think we can agree everyone was pretty hyped, now I shall up that excitement. Overall I believe Indotaurus was one of the more popular selections on the poll, and I also think they will be adding it quite soon. Based on these 2 pictures I belive that the creation of the model won’t be very difficult.

Indotaurus design:

Scorpius Rex model:

The two designs are quite similar, especially the arm length. A lot of other creatures in-game don’t have as long arms as the Indotaurs design, except the newly added Scorpious Rex design. Due to this fact, modeling the design will be much easier since they can base Indotarus off the S Rex rig, and use all its animations without having to make a new one.


The thing is, I really hope it wasn’t the one to win, or even 2nd place. Due to how many hybrids now use Carno dna, I’m really hoping that Alankyloceratops or Scutemoceros won


I wouldn’t personally want indotaurus to have the S rex animations cos I find them to be really frantic and over the top which seems only suitable to that Dino based on the show u know


Yea, that’s really only reason I don’t want it. They really went over the top with all the carno hybrids, we got purutarus, and s. rex gen 2, then the super hybrids of carnotarkus, s. rex and s. rex gen 3. That would be 6 things that need carno dna with indotarus included


Me and you both. I am fresh out of Carno dna. Don’t need another Carno based creature.

Pretty sure that Alankylosaurus ran away with a third of the vote, with Indotaurus coming in second, Scutomoceros very close behind and the final two basically tied.


Man, Indominus itself has Carnotaurus DNA.

they’ll probably make it and it’ll be unique and called Indominus Rex Gen 3 lol.

i do agree that it should not have the animations of Scorpius Rex, that thing is it’s own nightmare to have it’s own animations.

Apatosaurus has a lot of hybrids too making nodopato which has 3.


Gonna have to disagree on Indotaurus having the Scorpius rig. It’s a subtle difference but it looks more like the Indoraptor/Purutaurus/Purrolyth one as you can see in this concept art


Rip so not only would we need more Carnotaurus DNA, the design is basically purutaurus 2.0?

I really hope Alankyloceratops wins :sweat_smile:


Really hope the indotaur didn’t win, already so many things using carno dna in game as others have said. I really hope the scuto or alankylo won instead, would say the snek too but not sure it got as many votes as the other 3.

And like @Qaw pointed out, it may not be using the scorpius model just because it’s in a similar position, I feel like it could be using the purutaurus model or even the spino model like indom, possibly even raptor but lesser chance of that


Idk why i have the feel indo won but i realy hope it didn’t

Anyway i went through the datamined moves to see if theres any at all that could potentialy be for these creatures, i found only 3 that could maybe (and thats a huge maybe) fit and they problably best fit the dragon (alanky)

(So i guess spoiler from now on)

Lethal Rampage and Run - Self: automatic Swap. Target lowest HP: remove Shields. Attack 2x, bypassing Armor. DoT 0.34x target’s max HP, lasting 2 turns.

Shielding Alert Impact High - Self: 100% Shields for 8 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Target lowest HP: remove Shields. Attack 1.5x bypassing Armor. DoT 0.25x target’s max HP, lasting 2 turns.
Shielding Alert Impact low - Self: 100% Shields for 8 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Target lowest HP: remove Shields. Attack 1.5x bypassing Armor. DoT 0.34x target’s max HP, lasting 2 turns.

So both of these are kinda insane, honestly seem like boss moves, and SAI could be but LRaR literaly swaps so it can’t be (then again there seems to be quite a few pretty insane boss tier moves that do something with swaping so it could mean something… but i doubt it)

This pretty much seems like a daryx buff to me, with all the bleed. So if dragon actualy ends up being a better daryx i’d be kinda disapointed

However if i remember correctly dragon was listed as
a wildcard so maybe those are it’s fierce atributes?

But this is just speculation these moves are problably for new creatures/bosses


I’m hoping the Alanky hybrid one. But in all honesty no-one can predict the results because it comes down to what Ludia chooses.

But would be nice to not have another Carno hybrid unless they introduce Carno Gen 2.


shielding allert impact is either scutomoceros or alankyloceratops unless they’re decide to give it a hybrid for bumpy . Leathal rampage and run could be for a new creature since it wouldn’t make much sence for indotaurus to have a dot move when it’s parents are full fierce

Hello , this is Jurassic world we have
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex but black and also smaller
Indominus Rex psycho version
And the brand new Indominus Rex but with LONGER HORNS (WITH THE MOST UNIQUE DESIGN)


Bleed is a Fierce move. It doesn’t make sense based on the moves of its parents, not their class. Plus Carno is a Wildcard.

Yeah, but Ludia isn’t exactly known for doing things that make sense…

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Cough Suchotator

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I know, but it was what I had to go on.

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Remember me vitamins and also how do I get to this poll