Indotaurus flexibility (Revenge Taunting Cloak)

Indotaurus is a pretty controversial creature. It has lot of pros and cons, for who faces it and who uses it. but I want focus for an instant about the ability (Revenge Taunting Cloak).

  1. There is 20% chance that a creature that has full health get defeated by it with just one counter-attack if it doesn’t nullify the cloak/debuff that creature.
  2. Revenge Cloak & Revenge Taunting Cloak are a lot different, Revenge taunting cloak doesn’t get 2 turns reduction for Cooldown and only has 2.5x damage instead of 3x.
  3. Indominus Rex Gen 2 doesn’t even have a Revenge Cloak.
  4. Using Revenge Taunting Cloak on a creature that has Resilient/Definite attack is huge waste & not using it against them deny you the benefits of Revenge mode on later turns.

With that said, I have a simple suggestion…

How about we replace the ability “Revenge Taunting Cloak” with “Alert Taunting Cloak”?

It will be like Pesky Alert, 2x damage at secure state & 2.5x damage at threatened state. It will remain with 3 cooldown, priority on activation & still add taunt.

  1. No longer will be able to one-shot opponents if Indotaurus have full health.
  2. Will be able to use Cloak when it needs it and avoid losing it to resilient/definite attacks.
  3. You can benefit from the threatened state & gamble your chances of surviving a hit with your 67% dodge and deal one last counter attack that could (with 20% chance) defeat an opponent with a creature that has full health who thought that he could defeat you.

Let me know what you think.


What about just leaving the cloak multiplier at 2 times for both states, it’s super annoying to lose because indot crit something with a counter and now has a 8k rampage setup. Oneshotting while setting yourself up, even if it’s just a 20% chance shouldn’t happen

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Indo is fine as its now, it doesn’t even have distraction resistance, stunable, plus there is a resistance called REND resistance. All of that would avoid you to be one shotted by indoT


There’s worst problems (dinos) than Indotaurus right now… It does have good matches, but also bad ones. In fact, currently, it’s pretty good against the top tyrants (Testa, Phoru, Skoona), so I would not tone it down too quickly. We need dinos that can give those tyrants, a run for their money.

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As I wrote, this is about Indotaurus flexibility. We can all have different opinions about whether overall it is good or bad, but I think we all at least agree on one thing, that it is too good for some specific situations but then… not too much. Wouldn’t it be better if it could be more flexible? I would like to hear your thoughts about what this little change I recommended could result into.

What relevant unique resists rend? Even if rend resistance exists that doesn’t change the fact that indot can straight up oneshot things like grypol, testa, mortem. What do you want me to do when indot comes out against one of these? Swap to magna?

Not having distraction resistance doesn’t matter, it beats every distractor that can’t dodge, like spyx.

37.5% chance to stun it, so you’re relying on heavy rng to counter indot?

I hate doing this, but I’ll reply with a question: What do you use to kill Phoru, Testa and Skoona in your team. They are the current top guns right now. Yet, you want to tone down one of the very few dino (if not the only one) that can keep them at bay a little, so you must have a lot of better solution to take care of those 3 dinos? I could be convinced that Indotaurus need to be toned down, if you can convince me that there’s lots of dinos that can take care of those 3 (or at least give them a run for their money). It’s very common to see those 3 dinos together in every teams in the 6000 range. My humble opinion is that on the contrary, we need more dinos like Indotaurus. I don’t like nerfs and as far as I am concerned, those 3 tyrants are great but not truly OP in my book so I don’t think they should be nerfed. But if the tools (dinos) to deal with them are being toned down, then they may become OP.

I used Cloak and one shotted a legendary dino.

For Phorurex, I use Quetzorian with speed & damage boosts. Perfect at killing it.

Skoonasaurus is more tricky, either bleed with Scorpios gen3 then switch to Dracoceratosaurus (Both with speed reduction immunity) or just use my Indotaurus and waste the revenge mode knowing that Skoonasaurus will attack with Resilient strike anyway.

Testacornibus, definitely Indotaurus. No matter what I do, that thing is going to heal after each attack, so only cloak works, and since it can’t nullify it, it is a perfect counter to it.

Now let me ask you a question. Why do you think that I want to tone down Indotaurus or why do you think that my idea is going to make it weaker? I wrote that it is about Indotaurus Flexibility, not Indotaurus nerffing. But if you have a strong reason to believe that, I would like to hear your thoughts.

What I meant is that it didn’t make sense that Indotaurus inherited that ability from Indomius Rex Gen2 as it doesn’t have revenge mode. And Indotaurus revenge mode doesn’t reduce its cooldown or increase the damage to 3x. So I don’t see the point.

I mean… it is not the only creature that can kill other opponents with a single hit. And there are a lot of other creatures that deserves a real debuff before this one gets it. But yeah, I understand that it is frustrating to get one-shot by a full health Indotaurus just by one counter attack and then on the next turn still have to deal with its regular Cloak supported attack, that’s why I suggested that it would be better if it was 2.5x damage only on threatened state, so after it survive this turn and defeat the opponent with its counter attack, it won’t be strong enough to survive on the turn that follows.

You’re right, still, I’m an old guy who believe in “If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”… Even if your idea would buff Indotaurus, I still don’t think it’s needed. I feel it’s perfect as it is. I guess it’s my gambling side (after all, it’s a huge reliability in a team, but in any gamble, often the reward is sweet). We will see how the members here think of it I guess.

And sorry, I badly worded my question: I wanted to ask “Name one single dino that can take care of all 3…” Not name one dino for each of them… So in my book, Indotaurus is the only one “flexible” enough to do that. (Nothing is sweeter than having a Phoru swapping into it, missing, and getting crushed, or gambling against a Skoona, or having fun against a Testa. Any change in it’s moves and we may be back to having to run 3 differents dinos just to deal with the tyrants, and hoping to get the right one when they show up).

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Guess I can respect that, personally I’m tactician and prefer to control the situation than to leave it to pure luck.

I suppose you are right, I don’t recall a creature that can deal with all 3. My Quetzorian is quite nice, but it can only do some damage against Testa and Skoon, then dies due to the speed reduction it receives. Still, teamwork is helpful but nice to see Indotaurus among it every once in a while, don’t rely on its appearance every time however.

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May I remind you of our Unicorn


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True, forgot about mrhino

But then again, it can’t even beat indot with a crit stun bypass on the swap in