Indotaurus needs a nerf


Would you want to see the stats of the creatures also?

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Well this depends on if tarus goes Cloak turn 1, if it goes IMI and then gets the dodge it will win, plus boosts are give tarus the edge depending on the build.

Indotaurus isn’t even top 10 anymore. I would accept a minor nerf around the time it was more prevalent, but there’s so much powercreep going on that Indotaurus is no longer a major issue. It doesn’t need a nerf until everything better than it gets one.


Same with magna and or spincon, magna is more mindgames since it depends on what magna does turn 1; if it goes null impact then tarus has to go for IMI and then cloak to hopefully win. If it goes DI, tarus needs to go for cloak and then cleansing rampage. Boosts again change this matchup.

Spincon is basically pure rng. If tarus dodges turn 1 and gets the cloak off most of the time it will win. However if it fails to dodge that turn 1 strike ( or turn two if for some reason the opponent went PR turn1) then it will most likely die. Depending how low the DoT leaves it. Boa though has to dodge basically 3 times, two counters or it’s dead, plus CR if tarus lives that long. If it doesn’t, and trust me as a spincon user this thing barely ever dodges, then most likely it will die in two hits.

Not saying it’s balanced, I mean I feel it would be if it’s had something other than Cleansing rampage or like gig it had fierce cleansing rampage, but the cleansing is after the attack so cunnings can actually do something against it. However as @HolyPoly1026 pointed out, it like almost everyone else now has been powercrept, and I also would rather focus on those rather than tarus; by no means does that excuse tarus same way I still see Scorpius and toxic quills as way too good but their are unfortunately most busted things that need fixing.

Indotaurus is balanced
Honestly so is scorp
It does not need a nerf
Also don’t take the guy who made this thread seriously, he’s made like 20 nerf threads and most of them were for creatures that didn’t even need nerfs at the time


Cunnings destroy it

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Unless they go though dodge or can remove cloak, then no its rng. For example, spxs can yes technically defeat tarus but it needs to get through dodge twice, otherwise it loses. However it is important to mention that Flocks definitely destroy tarus.

Indotaurus definitely has its counters. Plus, it’s one of the most reliable fierce out there. So please, no nerf needed


Everything is up for debate.

Not only is IndoT just a filler on teams for skill. But it relies on RNG to even get a small headway. Its not broken in the slightest and i can name 10 creatures that are bettwr than it.


Why do you come to such an unreasonable conclusion? It has a ton of counters and it already got powercrept from the top meta. Just get anything with rend resistence, cloak bypass, distraction/dodge, or all of the above, and it’s done.


Indotaurus is one of the moat pure fierce hybrid that is in the game

Oh look another nerf indot thread by the same person who made the delete indot thread what a coincidence.

Indot is perfectly fine, we should be worried more about other meta breakers


Nah there plenty of counters for Albertocevia

“Because deleting IndoT didn’t work…”
“…We’re going to NERF it instead!”


The only nerf it could’ve had was a change to cleansing rampage.
But it’s already been powercrept so it doesn’t need one anymore.


meh just change Greater Rending Counter to Rending Counter otherwise it’s fine

“Oh it’s been powercrept” which it has, A LOT

proceeds to nerf the counter to make it even more worse

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Also, like I said on the last Indot topic, delete this topic instead of deleting the dino