Indotaurus Rework

I originally made an idea from before the creature came out. It was made with an Irex model in mind, but eh, it could still work on its current model too. I went back and made tweaks to it.

Ludia’s current Indotaurus has way too much going on and its moves don’t sync well together with much reason. Plus I see what they were trying to do with Intimidating Impact but it just doesn’t work imo.

Also, Cleansing Rampage is too much when combined with Cloak imo. I’ve come up with a worthy but balanced move in its place among several other changes.

Custom Indotaurus JWA

  • Cleansing Shattering Strike: This combines the cleanse of Carno’s C-Imp, and IRex G2’s Definite Strike. It only deals 3K damage after a Cloak, so while powerful, it’s not enough to really OHKO much… That’s for my next idea…

  • Rending Attack: This incorporates Carno’s Rending capabilities. After a Cloak, this deals 80% of the target’s HP as damage and If it crits, it’s a OHKO! Distraction and Evasion will both stop this (you know, the things Cunning creatures have that counter this Fierce creature, wow!) Not to mention some Cunning creatures have Rend resist, even both Irex’s have resistance to it! So it’s a cool OHKO gimmick that has plenty of ways to stop it.

  • Armor Piercing Rampage: Pretty straightforward.

  • Taunting Cloak: I took away the revenge and kept Taunt just because Raids and Carno aspect I guess… It’s really just flavoring at this point. I’ve already explained how this synchronizes with its other moves. It’s not going to deal 9K AP damage or 4.5K Fierce damage, but it can instead deal 3K cleansed “Fierce” damage (3.75K with crit) , 6K AP damage (7.5K with crit) and 80% Rend (100% Rend on crit).

What do you all think? Is the OHKO Rend a cool gimmick? Or too much? Does the whole thing need more in some areas or less? Or is it a pretty good redo?

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looks good for me the major problem with indot is its cleasing rampage which can hard counter cunnings which should counter it.


how about give it a cleansing rending attack that does 0.4x; with delay 1 cd 1. coz its cleanse is already annoying. this would just mean changing basic attack to fierce strike

also i like the stats they are definitely more balanced than currently. but it could be cool if it got like 1250 attack and it kept a reduced rending counter of like 20%. so it seems to be versatile

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I was about to question giving the Cleanse to Rend until you mentioned giving it the counter. Interesting take in keeping with the counter!

It wouldn’t chunk 2/3 of your health right away for one thing. I only have one gripe with how the counter works now. I just don’t like how the it doesn’t leave room to react after a cloak (assuming it’s not being hit by a distracting move or something). You just end up taking 2/3 or more of your health and then from there you’re either in range to swapped-in on or Cleansing Rampage gets ya.

At least without the counter you can react to it before taking any damage. You version would at least be less punishing on a cloak.

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And the animation so that it’s on two legs not all fours

Was Indotaurus intended, by Ludia, to show that they don’t care to the players? @Ned @E.D We all voted based on a specific design. Even the official artwork/loading screen is based off that artwork. But what we got was NOT what we voted for. Was Ludia in such a rush to get it out that they just reworked a Purutaurus and didn’t think we’d notice? The model sucks and doesn’t set a good precedent for fans not getting what they voted for. Just another reason for players to not trust Ludia. PLEASE fix the model.

To play devil’s advocate, some people have pointed out that the concepts for both Puru hybrids are in the same pose and have the distinct foot talon seen on Inotaurus’s art. I also think redoing an entire model is a heavy task compared to adding some horn brows, so I doubt there’s any going back on that front.

That being said, these other concepts were not widespread or openly shared with the community to my knowledge, and would’ve had to’ve been looked up specifically to even be known, so for the vast majority of people (including myself), Intotaurus was the first to be seen in such a pose that on paper, looks purely bipedal. So while I’m sure it wasn’t purely intentional, it was quite misleading or at the very least not well communicated and presented.

Models and rigging aside, I’ve grown weary of their moveset choices (and although a bit nit-picky, naming conventions) as well. But that’s an entirely different discussion for another thread.

the cloaked counters are disgusting in the tournaments. literally 1 shot my full health testa with a crit, then next turn the counter did 80 percent of my scorpios i swear its a bug

The post was hidden and now I fixed it… very disappointed in Ludia. Hopefully the new company that bought them out cares more about quality control.

Woah who bought them out? I did not know of this.

It sounds like the Counter benefits from the damage increase of Cloak but doesn’t cause the Cloak to expire (I haven’t used or unlocked Indotaurus so I don’t know from experience), which is ridiculous. That’s… actually a lot worse than I initially thought when I saw it on paper. I forgot it’s 2.5x on revenge which puts it in that OHKO territory.

Even if the Counterattack wore out the cloak, on Revenge that’s an 80%+ - OHKO on crit that you can’t react to at all. It sounds like unless you’re hitting it with Distraction or have Evasion you basically have to pray it doesn’t crit when you throw something at it.

A company called Jam City.