Indotaurus: Should I give up or continue?

Hello everybody. I was recently thinking about putting Indotaurus on my team, however my Carnotaurus DNA is gone. I would like to know if I should work on getting Carnotaurus DNA to create Indot or if I should give up and leave it for the near future.

In the screenshot below I have my team and Indot ingredients.

You might be wondering how my Carnotaurus DNA ended up. This screenshot can explain…

I appreciate any suggestions.


I think it mostly depends on your end goal in the game - is it to have all the dinos available? If so, I’d work on Indot. If it’s for tournaments, then I’d say continue if your focus is on the skill tournaments.

If it’s to have a great team, you can always come back to Indot later, once you’ve maxed out Scorp 3 (if that’s what your other plan was).

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Indotaurus is really good for putting in right after one of your creatures is knocked out. I didn’t get it picked at all today along with Phorurus. Maybe tomorrow. I’m hanging in low Avairy right now with teams made with mostly level 21’s. Yesterday it was with the help of Indotaurus. Not getting it picked today hurt a bit. I could have used it.

I have everything but Apex’s.


Nice team! Plan on leveling anything for the moment?

Any thoughts on glyptoceras, on paper it’s seems like the worst of all the new hybrids but maybe in practice it does better?

I think I will keep working to get Indot even if I’m not part of my team. It would be very interesting to use in tournaments. Kind of disappointed with the product launching but the abilities make it an interesting creature. Thanks for the comments.