Indotaurus VS Phorurex VS Andrewtops (JWA Bonus Battles #6)

Remember, these bonus battles are made for fun and should not be taken seriously compared to actual battles. Now let’s get rollin’.

Indotaurus can be seen walking along the field looking for dinner. At last, he comes across it- a sauropod corpse. Suddenly, Andrewtops falls out a tree in front of him, with Phorurex randomly coming across the two. The three back away and get into fighting stances. It was gonna be a fight for literal survival.

PRex rushed in and tried to claw at ITaurus, but his foot was grabbed mid-air and he was thrown, with ATops intersecting and slamming PRex to the ground. ATops tries to get an early KO, but ITaurus smacks him away, and pounces forward. PRex gets up, and runs away.

ATops lands on his feet and ITaurus tries to hit him, but crushes a stick in his path, allowing for ATops to get behind and latch of ITaurus. ITaurus attempts to shake him off, but his grip was strong. Suddenly, out of nowhere, PRex uses claws to make deep cuts in both ITaurus and Atops.

ITaurus was only briefly stunned. but ATops was close to fatally wounded. ITaurus swung at PRex, this time with PRex dodging and slashing him with both claws this time, stunning ITaurus again. ATops then slaps PRex, and pounces to try and land a finishing blow, but was of course intercepted by ITaurus, and was split in half. PRex was surprised by this sight, and ran.

ITaurus, thinking he had finally won, went for his victory feast, but instantly sensed something. Looking to his left, he could see PRex running at high speed, and jumps and lands a dramtic slow-mo kick on ITaurus, causing him to tumble over off the cliff.

PRex was tired out by this and didn’t even feel like sauropod for dinner, and just took a rest. ITaurus, waking up from his fall, looked up the cliff, and roared, obviously plotting revenge.


lol sdfggggggggg

Nice! What happens next?

I would love if indotaurus came face to face with putasarus and indoraptor

very nice :hamster:

Could you do a Snek Battle Royale

Ouroboros 66 VS Hydra Boa VS Majundboa VS Spinoconstrictor

I think I will