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Indotaurus: What We Were Presented With Vs What We Got

And I would absolutely hate that. I detest the scorpius rig, or more specifically its animations. It comes in to every battle flailing for what feels like five minutes. I have time to set down the phone, type a message in Discord on my computer about how annoying its flailing is, pick the phone back up, and still have tons of time to choose a move. It feels like a creature designed to prolong battle length (just like all the new raid bosses with elaborate counter-attacks are designed to drag raids out) – it’s transparent session-length-chasing and I hate it.


Lol I feel that… :joy:

They really need to tone it down with these new animations. Like the eagle animations feel like they last forever!



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I dont have indot unlocked but still it looks ehh with indo rig

tho at first i suspected indo rig because the arms on the image seemed to long for an indom animation

but still i also wished it had indom animation


It looks better with the indom rig


huh what that make no since and what is it translating to?

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When he chases the goat he goes bipedal.


Thats a great shot


Hey guys I’m new to this game . I’m also upset abut the Indot and yes we can put a custom animation for it.would be cool


Thanks a lot! :grin:

I, Indotaurus myself, wants to stand on 2 legs cuz i look cooler.

You aren’t wrong in the Jurassic universe Indo is short for indomatable, which means Untamable.

Have to argee on you there