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Indotaurus: What We Were Presented With Vs What We Got

I’m talking about a strate 1 v 1, when both indoT and mammolania start indoT wins all the time except a crit.
Mammo will do better on a setup because it has 1 of the best setup kits in the game. But without the setup from PF strike it loses.

But read the thread title and original post and relate what you are talking about to that.

Yeah my bad, was only replying.
Will stop talking about it now.

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meh 10 charc

The proportions for Indom are wrong in this game anyway lol. The arm size of Indom is much closer to that of Indot’s concept art.


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What the heck

We’re complaining because what we got is not what was shown in the survey. Yes it’s the same creature. But in a model that doesn’t look like how it did in the survey, which changes how a creature feels and looks.

And most are just disappointed because the model didn’t end up how they thought it would.

Don’t like to see differing opinions to yours? Don’t be part of the public.


That’s the point….we didn’t get what we wanted. We were shown one thing and given another. It was sort of like false advertisement. Thanks for your aggressiveness lol


I see why people don’t like the model but overall I don’t mind it.
I think that the indo model was always planned though, but that’s ludias fault advertising it as bipedal
But for me it looks like an alpha predator and thats what its described as.
The animations are disappointing, could stand on two legs for its signature cleansing ramp.
Also the cloak animation is lacklustre and doesn’t even work.
Like scorp has 2 unqiue animations, why cant indoT have 1.


Now if they made Indoraptor more bipedal like on the map.
We would be satisfied.


No problem

Indotaurus was not my first choice when the voting took place back in late April. However it had grown on me over time with the possibility it could possess. When we were finally given a release date I like many others started hoarding dna. Looking over the patch notes gave us more reasons to be excited for Indotaurus. Once created that’s when Indotaurus’s short comings became clear. The bait and switch we were give on its rig was the first noticeable issue. We all voted for a bipedal Indotaurus not purutaurus 2.0. Since trying to use Indotaurus it’s revenge taunting cloak has two flaws. 1 it doesn’t actually cloak instead you get the animation for evasive stance. 2 when using the RTC you don’t get to utilize it Iije you would on indom g1 and 2 or even erlidom. You end up wasting your cloaks damage bonus on a counter attack. I feel like Indotaurus’s RTC should last 2 turns instead of 1 allowing you to actually use the damage bonus for one of your actual moves. Those are my only complaints about Indotaurus. Make it bipedal and RTC lasting 2 turns.


Making RTC have 2 shifts makes it OP, they just have to fix the mechanics or specify how it works (as they did with IIT)

Relax, he didn’t even attack you

Totally different!! But maybe this a hint for a new Apex Hybrid? :joy:

All they need to do for Revenge taunting cloak is make the distinction between regular attacks and counter attacks, the specify the move to be on your next regular attack. That would fix the issue of it being wasted on the counter.


That wasn’t the case all this time, at least not till after the end of the recent Skill tournament. I wonder if they changed it.

What does Indotaurus mean?