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Indricotherium concept


Stats: lvl 30
5600 health
1550 attack
Armor 40%
110 speed
5% crit chance

Resilient strike

Persistent ferocious strike

Size advantage

Medium stunning counter (passive)

Stun resistance 60%, Rending resistance 30%

Indricoceros (Unique Hybrid)

Stats: lvl 30
6000 health
1400 attack
Armor 30%
119 speed
5% crit chance

Sheilded deceleration strike

Presistent ferocious strike

Dig in

Size advantage

Medium stunning counter (passive)

stun resistance 89%, rending resistance 75 %, vurnability resistance 100%, speed decrease resistance 30%

New moves:

Size advantage:

Cleanse, impact damage, precise, nullify opponent and make them vurnable for 2 attacks lastning 4 turns.

Cooldown 3, delay 2 turns

Stunning counter

A counter with 5% stun chance. To me it seems balanced since many creatures have stun restistances and 5% is not that high of a chance. 10% might even be an option


I am always up for new Cenozoic Megafauna, but how about the hybrid is named “Indricogaia” (Indricotherium + Megalogaia)

unless the concept is for it to be a non-super hybrid Unique like Compsocaulus.


If anything, it should be called Bullwinkle.

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