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Indy, Indiana, Midwest?

If you happen to be from Indianapolis, Indiana, the US Midwest, or really anywhere in the world, and are looking for an engaging yet casual alliance, come and join the Indy Dino Club! While we hope to create a community largely based in the Midwest, Indianapolis specifically, we are open to people from all places and cultures.
We strive to create an inclusive and fun environment where consistent participation is encouraged, but a few days absence is not punished. If you enjoy the game, sharing strategy and insight with peers, and contributing to common goals, please join Indy Dino Club today!

Alliance Name: Indy Dino Club
Leader: Atticus420
Current Cap.: 14/50
Current Exp.: Beginner-Intermediate
Min. Lvl.: 5+ preferred
Min. Trophies: 500+ preferred
Min. Login: 3x login/wk+, allowances made for occasional absences longer than requirement
Min. Activity: Consistent contribution to alliance missions, weekly PVP battles to maintain trophy count, occasional chat and strategy sharing, and DNA contributions to fellow members.