Indy's Return JWa Story Spin-off Ep 3: Toro is coming!

Ep 3:
At the mainland.

Indy: stalking the land, looking for toro, killing people along the way. Ughh people, always so loud, finally spots toro.
Toro: hears running footsteps, but doesn’t see anything. Starts freaking out and running away.
Indy: i released you, now you help me get my revenge
Toro: R u a ghost now
Indy: shows her true form, no i have been revived. Now help me
Toro: yes, i shall exact whatever revenge you desire on those dinos
Indy: no the humans, now all we need is blue
An army of carnotaurus and raptors are waiting outside to attack the villlage:
Velociraptor runs into village and kills a young parasaulophorsuaurs by biting off its crest and stabbing its heart, pounce mode.
Monolorhino: You’re under arrest for murder and will be tried by Indominus Rex and his court.
Velociraptor: just manically laughing and screaming, toro is coming, toro is coming, toro is coming, toro is coming.
Monolrhino: ya that’s enough now shut up! Indo, this raptor killed a para!
Indo: What?! I’ll get my brother. Indo goes to the high court. Guys, a raptor just killed a para and keeps screaming about someone named Toro.
Erlidominus: Seriously! Oh great, we finally beat dracoceratops and now there are a bunch of maniacs set loose, only 3 months later. Problems just never end.
Tryko: It’s ok, indo can solve anything, he killed draco after all.
Magna: Is it one of draco’s follower’s! Maybe he’s going to resurrect them.
Monogsetogtops: Oh come on guys, these are just conspiracy theories, it’s just a lunatic screaming somone’s name.
Hears roaring

Outside the city

An army of raptors, carnotaurus’s and giganotosaurus all giving a way cry
Toro: We will kill you all under the one who destroyed Jurassic World. She is coming for you and will destroy New Jurassic World as well.
Indominus Rex faints out of shock, going into a coma
Velosorhacos teleports the army back to the base.

Idk if that can actually happen but that’s just a story and no one knows who actually destroyed Jurassic World cuz all the dinos from there are either on mainland or dead.