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Bug Description: performance at peak hours

Area is was found in: friendly

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- log in between 8 and 11 EDT
Step 2 - look at your friend list or try to start a friendly
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: every evening

What type of device are you using: multiple

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) I cant diagnose the problem without white box but it seems like you don’t put enough load on your test servers. Assuming you have them. The symptoms are… try to have multiple friendlies between the hours mentioned above back to back to back. Its hit or miss which makes me think its probably not a problem with your code base. But again this is a black box perspective. Look me up.


I’m trying to understand your issue. I think your saying your having trouble with when you hit the challenge that the accept doesn’t show up on your opponents screen?

My issue is after like one or two friendlies, my opponent (my second account) doesn’t show as being on line to challenge. I have to either kill and reload the game on my Ipad or my phone so I will show to the other account to challenge again.

My Ipad JWA game crashes every other challenge when entering the friendly battle and I have to start it up to go into battle while I wait for the game to load on my phone.

Upon finishing friendly challenges, my Ipad game freezes half the time and my phone freezes occasionally.

This 1.6 release made the crash and freeze worse.


The devices dont freeze but friends dont appear. When they do appear if I challenge them it times out. This seems to be time based as if the servers cant handle the load. Do they run friendlies on a separate box? After 11 EDT I tend to not have these issues. Multiple Samsung devices multiple networks both wifi and 4g.


Just a glitch.
Not very frequent for everyone, but sorry that you’re experiencing these problems.


The seems to be a very consistent glitch to me happens daily. I’m not trying to complain I love this game I’m trying to help. :slight_smile: