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Infinite Battle Stages

Has anyone else’s infinite daily battle stages gotten any harder since the latest update? I have not had any changes to my top tier Dino’s in awhile but the daily battles have definitely gotten harder since the last update… Just wondering if it’s just me or if anyone else is noticing this.

I’m curious about this myself. I only just unlocked this feature and the ferocity of my first opponent group was way over my top dino - about 1200 ferocity points higher if memory serves. My highest dino comes in around 4400 for a point of reference.

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These are generally 10-20% higher than your top three… sometimes more.

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I only just recently unlocked this as well, but mine have been far from difficult. Sometimes the way the AI will throw a really high ferocity dino in a mix with 2 weak ones will make for a more difficult match, but most of the ones I’ve done recently, I’ve only lost my first dino before KO’ing the other 3. I do keep my classes very balanced at the top, which is a big help in terms of putting in a lineup that can easily take out whatever it gives me.


Now, some of these PvE events, like the one today requiring amphibians… those seem to have very unreasonable matchups many times. I am wondering if the addition of Mods is why I’m getting so much harder matchups. My highest ferocity right now in ANY class is 3864 (in my amphis it’s around 3600) and the AFS of the final match in that event is 5122. Plus one of the mods is Survival. At least I can knock that out with a Nullify, but that means losing one spot to using mods that can increase my attack and/or health to get a fairer match.

It has to be the mods. My highest ferocity is 4400 and my first battle I’m up against 6100, 3900, 5100 (rough rounding). Probably skipping this one.

Other PvEs have been normal

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this was my last round on the amphibian battle, the first two I took out easily with a level one petro with Clone on it and then some supporting creatures and MODs.


Yes , the opponents were pretty high on the first two as well but being able to throw in a ptero was all I needed to win them. Been out all day today so haven’t tried this last round yet, not in any rush since I’m still not sure I can defeat it.

Had a tough infinity battle today, all the opponents had a ton of health in relation to my best stuff, and the class lineup one that meant having to take out at least one without any advantage, but what really screwed me up was how they kept holding back on using all their points, just hitting me with the bare minimum so I had to throw even more attack points to take them down… ended up not having enough to block on my last one and got KO’d. I was able to successfully win the second try, but that’s the first time I’ve failed on any attempt at these.

I’m having a really tough time with today’s, mainly because I didn’t want to use ALL my best amphis with a tournament going on at the same time, but they are also one of the classes I am shortest on. But two attempts and I got wiped out both times, because even with putting a amphi in the first spot as a meat shield this way overpowered Metriacanthosaurus is not just STILL higher on attack after the class disadvantage, but not playing the way the AI almost ALWAYS does. Both times he got the first turn, and reserved both his points, taking me out since I had reserved my 2, assuming he’d block 1 and reserve 1. I thought the first one might have been due to the amphi not being a particularly high level but using my best one, he did the same thing. With only a carni in the second spot, I had nothing after taking him out to survive the final two. Now I feel I can’t try again until I can spare all 3 of my top amphi… if even THAT works.

I usually don’t do the infinite battle during Jurassic tournaments

Yeah I guess I need to just put it on hold. But the loyalty points for these packs are a nice bonus for me to get every day, and the common pack has a nice amount of them (I think I get 260 as a VIP) so since I wasn’t seeing much movement in the bottom of Dominator I thought I’d give it a shot while I had the chance. So really bummed that I failed in the same way twice.

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Putting this question here…
@Ned or @Keith, can someone confirm if this is working as intended or if I need to report this as a bug. This is the second time I have had the option to fight for a mystery pack in the infantile battle mode stage where the mystery pack is not a VIP pack, I just need to know if this is the way it is intended to work and our VIP subscription does not effect the packs in this area or if it should actually be a VIP mystery pack and I need to report this as a bug in the game:

I’ve had it multiple times. I just assumed that the prize pack randomly rotated between the various packs and the (regular) Mystery Pack was part of the selection

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Yeah, the white mystery pack has been there as far back as I recall. Not saying it should be legendary packs every day, but minimum VIP or common pack, then occasionally rare or super rare? Maybe even legendary every once in a while?

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Hi Sionsith,
According to the Dev’s anytime a mystery pack is given to a VIP it should be a mystery VIP pack. Does this always occur or just sometimes? Either way can you please make a ticket with support.


It has always been just a regular mystery pack for me too.

For me too always a regular mystery pack.

Thank you @keith I will submit a ticket. Anyone else having the same issue I would request you do the same so they see it is not a single player issue.

Ticket submitted.


Will do next time it rolls around