Infinite coins bugs

I see a lot of pic with 9.999.999+ coins that never decreases in game is there a exploit that people is using to get all creatures to lv 30.
This is the most unfair exploit in game.
With people with Allodriguez lv 30 that is impossible to have make unless you have infinite FIP items

For the most part, they’re either just people who are content creators (like our very own PracticeKat and IDGT902) and so either have access to beta builds when something comes out that Ludia lets them showcase, spend a lot of their time walking around collecting coins from the supply drops (you can get up to 21,000 coins every 24hrs from the times when the supply drops reset every day), and do the strike tower incubators, or they’re people with a whole lot of money who just buy the instore incubators.

Either way, there actually very few exploits in the current version of the game, and none of them can really be used outside of certain events that happen about once or twice a year a most, and just about every player currently on the game’s complete leaderboard are legit.

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I see players with 9999999 and never decreases and not are playing with beta.
When you reach certain number of coins, coins bugged and turned infinite. I think Ludia should investigate this and fixe it

Or they just paid a lot to have their coins shown past the, uh, you know, visual cap?

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Someone on Facebook told that spond more than 50-100 million coins and still on 9999999+ coins

As someone who bounces between being a top 1000 to a top 500 player, I know for a fact that it’s around this point that most players will start collecting way more coin than they will ever end up spending, and it’s incredibly easy to quickly wrack up 150,000+ coins a week just by doing the incubators and supply drops alone. No exploits, no hacks, just playing the game pretty often, and being incredibly selective of what your team comprises of until you eventually get to the point where you can easily swap things in and out and not see much of a difference in your wins and losses.

Definitely not an exploit :slight_smile:
Personally I always save enough coins and boosts to replace multiple creatures in my team at once to not get bored too much.

With this I was at 10mio+ coins multiple time. And even if the game only displays 9’999’999, you will still collect more. Last time I was at 10 mio, I was able to level a dino from base level to 30 (roughly 1.5 mio) and was still at 9’999’999.

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Once your coins dosent drop to 9 millions the coins never will drop again

No idea where you have heard that, but it simply is wrong.
I was at 9’999’999 multiple times. And now I am at around 8.5 mio. So yes, it does drop below :slight_smile:

Simple answer is the amount of incubators/bundles they buy for exlcusive dna and boosts. They have rexy at 24 and im pretty sure they mustve bought all the incs that the store allows which stacks their overall coins. Also they usually make it to top 100 in coin tourneys

This is not an exploit. End of story. Stop stirring up stuff you don’t understand.