Infinite darts


Hi Jurassic World’s staff, apparently their is a bug on my game, all is in the title, I have infinite darts. To me their is no problem but I’m telling you because I don’t wanna be banned.

Best regard, Lian


I’m getting this too , I feel like it’s unfair and was hoping to somehow get it removed, is there anyway to fix?


Really !! wow that’s a crazy bug lol thanks for posting this .

Good sports :+1:



Just send a report to the support staff a week ago, send a reminder yesterday!


Strange but not that big of an issue, it only takes a few supply drops to get it back up…


Is there anyway to fix this?can anyone get in touch with an admin or message me a contact email


You can contact them through twitter or other ways search google or look in news section on game? Dunno bro


I emailed into the support email and they are aware of the glitch and have a fix for it so It should probably fix in the next update so enjoy your darts while you can


I was just about to ask if everyone else has infinite darts too. It seems like it happened to me about the same time as getting the AMC incubator…