Infinite mode

Hello! I’m trying to gather information on this topic but I can’t find what I’m looking for.
I’ve completed all battle stages a few days ago, so the “infinite mode” came up. It says the reward is a common pack. I can’t think of a player that would find that prize attractive at this stage of the game. So, how does that work? Once I get that prize is there some kind of improvement on the next battle? Is a pack just randomly appearing? I can’t fully understand the mechanism of the infinite mode.
If I keep battling there will I ever get a better prize? What’s the best I can get? Opponents are pretty strong for a common pack.
Thank you!


The pack prize cycles through various prize packs, with the lowest prizes (Mystery/VIP Mystery Packs and Common Packs the most common). The best prize, at least that has been reported is a Legendary Pack. They are quite rare.


It’s not worth the effort for the prize, but occasionally you get better than common pack. If you want to talk about a prize not worth the effort, its the dino bucks pack.

It is one of the only challenging elements to game. The other challenges eventually get to be easy. Infinite challenge will almost always require some thought.


Thank you both. If the best you can get is a legendary pack, it’s not worth the effort. I was hoping for dino bucks, tournament creature copies or many loyalty points or DNA/SDNA. I thought that maybe eventually you could get prizes similar to those of standard battle stages. It’s not the case I guess, there’s actually no big reward for completing all battle stages.

I happen to like dino bucks packs, I find them useful, maybe because I’m not VIP.

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The dinobuck pack can contain less DB in it than the common pack featured in infinity battles.

Last common pack I received 3 DB cards totalling to 150 db and a diplocaulus. That’s 30 more dino buck than fight for funds which is 3 battles of similar difficulty.

Imo infinity battle is one of the most worth it battles of the game for me purely based on it being a 1 battle event and the chance of DB contained in the pack far outweighs any PvE event.

I have also won a few common hybrids, few rare hybrids and a super rare hybrid so keep doing these battles and you will reap the rewards…

Today is a rare pack for me so looking forward to it.

That sums up infinity battles right there. Minus the tourney creatures but hey they’re market blockers anyway with their ridiculously long hatch times.


Okay you’ve just convinced me to try them, we’ll see…

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The packs that are available in infinity mode are great, yes the creatures are most likely not that great in terms of strength, but the packs are some of the best. They are fusion packs which are the same ones that cost cold hard cash in the pack market. These packs all contain chances for DB and a possibility of hybrids at the given pack rarity. Yes the event can be difficult but if you have kept your ferocity in check amongst your top creatures, it just becomes a free pack every 24 hours.


Interesting. I didn’t know this was the case. I assumed that the ‘battle stages’ would end eventually, because it’s increasingly difficult to keep coming up with things like that as a developer. But, I have never scrolled all the way to the right to see if what I see now is the end, or if it keeps going up with levels. I’m really new to the game, 1.5 weeks. Right now I’m trying to NOT level up my game, and instead working on building up my common and rare jurassics. This is almost done, then I can move on to super rares (or hybrids? I’m not sure which way to go). But with all the XP I get from that and daily battles/events I find myself about to breach 31. What is the last battle stage level? Right now I can see 36

It is 99. I would say work on common hybrids and diplotator.

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thanks Therizino

Go on so and you will love the game much more

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Dino bucks is a max of 120 dB. Plus you need 3 really good teams to win it. Your better off using those teams in pvp. Your chance for a big prize is much better.

If you have the time, do basic pvp to get you free 2nd spins. After that, I switch to moded pvp.


You should try to level up to where you can get to trade harbor. It’s a huge resource for dino bucks. I don’t remember when you get trade harbor. Either 30 or 50.

Some of the packs up to 99 are really good. If you build your Dino’s out somewhat even, the infinite challenge is not as tough.

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I fought today’s and yesterday’s infinite battles. Prizes are quite random, I got 100 dino bucks yesterday but 0 today, just DNA. I got two common packs but tomorrow’s will be a rare one. I’ll keep doing them, specially for the dino bucks. Today I prioritized the Stakeholder’s visit but I was able to win the infinite mode anyway. The next days I guess I’ll keep doing them as the event prizes are not very attractive and the tournament is VIP and I’m not.

what about doing gen 2 fury + today events + infinite battle + unlock dino? :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: