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Infinity Battle Challenge

This thread will be used to discuss some of the most difficult battles in the game. I will be posting various Infinity battle matchups and the goal is to propose a team that might be able to complete the event with the lowest AFS possible and still be successful.

Posts should use the following format:

  • slot 1: “class” H:XXXX A:XXXX
  • slot 2: “class” H:XXXX A:XXXX
  • slot 3: “class” H:XXXX A:XXXX

Again the goal is the minimum AFS team to get the job done. Any battle tactics are also encouraged to help me and others understand why the team you are proposing would work.


First challenge:


Cool idea @Sionsith


I like the idea, but since the Infinity battle is based on your Ferocity/dinos, what are the rules of what dinos to pick (suggest)?

For example very few players would have a L18/L19 VIP (as they would level it up to L20).

Edit: and most of us don’t have dinos anywhere near that level, so we would be limited to the spreadsheet and L10/L20/L30/L40 etc, hindering choices for this process.


Also does the strategy have to be a guaranteed win or just a high chance at a win if a few things go your way based on typical AI play. Lots of variables.


@Sionsith. Would it be possible for you to post the attack bonus formulas in the 1st post for reference?


Slot 1: Carnivore H: 1747+ A: any
Slot 2: Carnivore H: 4357+ A: 2168+
Slot 3: Carnivore H: 3090+ A: 1783+

Assuming a reasonable ~460 attack on the lead, AFS = 7770

Closest round number level dinos I can find:
Indo-rex Gen 2 Level 10 (3539)
Spinatosuchus 40 (12770), I don’t know if you have that so Indoraptor 10 (13609)
Concavenator 40 (9576)

So that AFS = 8,628 or 8,908

My overall idea is that the lead carnivore can get you to 8 action points. The next carnivore them comes in and 2168 attack is enough to 3-shot Diplo or 4-shot Osta. The health amount ensures you don’t get oneshot by Osta or 2-shot by Diplo. Here I assumed worst case scenario that you have to deal with 2 dinos with your last dino at 8 points. 1783 attack ensures 4shot on anything, 3090 health ensures no oneshot from Limno or Diplo.

I’m making a HUGE amount of assumptions with these numbers and any number of them can be wrong. Easiest example, if Limno switches in on your lead instead of Osta all that math just became irrelevant.


erliphosaurus level 20,acrocanthosaurus level 40(or other),spinotasuchus level 20 or stigy level 40… maybe??

I think as long as the ostafrickasaurus doesn’t have class disadvantage you can bet on him coming since he has the highest ferocity. The game tends to switch in its strongest creature as long as it doesn’t have class disadvantage and the switch removes a class disadvantage matchup.

@Timmah the goal would be to use level 10,20,30,40 creatures to make it easier to be looked up across all creatures like on the spreadsheet. Like the one I did yesterday the goal is lowest ferocity, mathematically think about what could you possibly get away with and then find creatures that closely resemble that makeup. If I don’t have something exactly like you are thinking I will find something close as an equivalent creature.

@Subxero11 the goal would be a win with whatever assumptions you layout, they just have to be reasonable. For instance you can’t say use a level one creature and assume you build up eight action points with it since that will not happen, but you could say use a creature that can survive one hit and block the first round if the AI switches do X if he doesn’t switch and attacks do Y. After that it has to be a lot of assumptions since the decision tree becomes quite large with each move after the first move.


True, but have you observed what the AI tends to switch if both the other creatures don’t have advantage/disadvantage but one has high attack and the other has high health?

In my case, it randomly switches so I wanted to know if others have observed a pattern.

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What I have observed is when all things being equal, meaning no class advantage is gained but a disadvantage is eliminated for the AI it will switch the strongest creature. For instance on the battle above if I put a Carnivore with sufficient health that scares or coaxes the AI to switch it will switch in the Carnivore since the Pterosaur does not gain itself an advantage and the Carnivore is the stronger of the two creatures.


That I understood. In the above battle, the Carnivore has higher health as well as attack than the Pterosaur so the switch is inevitable.

But what if the Pterosaur has higher health than the Carnivore but less attack… would the AI usually still switch to the Carnivore or the Pterosaur? In the battles I’ve faced, it usually randomly switches (sometimes health, sometimes attack) so what I do in that situation is place a Herbivore up first so that it tempts the AI to sure-switch with the Carnivore.

I believe, like @Sionsith said, is chooses the one with the higher ferocity. I have done quick calculations before starting a match and even though it’s close between two dinos, it has gone with the higher ferocity dino (3.2xattack + health).


Oh okay cool… Thank you! :raised_hands:t4:

I made a great suggestion above :point_up:

I calculate your team at about 8,482 AFS @Flavio_Camargo, would you block or reserve on your first turn?

reserve bc i can survive 2 hits from herbivore and 1 hit from carnivore…

if he swaps would your goal be to reserve up? What if he does not attack, or does not swap and does not attack?

I would block two if he attacks or not and reserve 1 point…
independent swap…

and i would force the opponent to waste all points

I am going to attempt to do it with an AFS of 7,561. If that is unsuccessful I will give it a go with your team @Flavio_Camargo since it is the next lowest. Yours has a much better chance than mine I think, as there is a lot less risk with your proposed lineup over mine.